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Last Updated: Friday December 02 2005 14:49 GMT

Gamers queue as Xbox 360 launches

Kevin Sage wields his new XBox 360
Games fans queued till midnight to get their hands on the UK's first Xbox 360s which went on sale on Friday.

But it's feared that there may be fewer of the consoles on the shelves than hoped as so many people have pre-ordered them from a limited stock.

The Microsoft console is the first of the next generation of machines to go on sale in the UK.

Xbox 360s went on sale in the US last week and are already appearing on eBay at very high prices.

A look at the world of computer games in Britian today

The advice from Microsoft about tracking down an Xbox 360 on launch day was to hunt down "less obvious" shops to buy one in.

An HMV spokesman said they had twice as many pre-orders for the console than stock it had ready for the launch.

And more than 200 people queued up through the night outside Game in central London to pick up their console.

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