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Last Updated: Wednesday December 07 2005 15:29 GMT

Wind power

Wind provides 2.5% of the UK's power*

Wind farm

What is it?

Modern windmills, called wind turbines, turn wind energy into electricity. If the turbines are in a group it's called a wind farm.


This is a renewable energy source, that's because we will never run out of wind. The price of wind energy is stable; it doesn't go up and down like the price of coal or oil. The UK gets lots of wind, in fact some experts say we have the best wind resources in Europe. Once built the turbines do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gasses. They are also quick to build.


There is some local opposition and concern about noise and impact on landscape. Wind is more expensive than fossil fuels and wind levels fluctuate.

The future

Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the UK. It has lots of government support and is seen as they key to reaching the target of 20% renewable electricity by 2020.

* Based on Department of Energy and Climate Change figures 2010. The exact proportions change yearly.

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