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Last Updated: Tuesday April 26 2005 15:08 GMT

Fingerprints to buy school meals

Fingerprint scanner
Kids at a Leicestershire school don't need money for lunch any more, but they do need to remember their fingers.

Instead of handing over cash, pupils at Humphrey Perkins High School in Loughborough scan their thumbs into a machine in return for their food.

And kids may find it more difficult to feed their faces with chips, as their parents know what they choose.

It's hoped the scheme may cut bullying, as pupils won't need to carry cash for lunch any more.

Also, because the system will be used by all the school's pupils, no one will know who gets free school meals and who doesn't.

That sometimes causes bullying between kids.

Other schools have used the system for registration, but this is the first one to use it to give kids their school lunches.

The chef catering manager Tom Edwards said that the school is introducing more healthy food, too.

"We are getting a really good response. The kids want to eat well and they will on the same money they spend on junk food," he added.

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