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Last Updated: Thursday December 01 2005 19:02 GMT

Does litter bug you?

A survey has found that lazy fast food fans, gum chewers and smokers are mainly to blame for littering the streets with rubbish.

So we want to know if litter bothers you.

If you see someone littering in the street do you say something to them?

Maybe you pick up other people's litter because it bugs you so much?

What do you think could be done to stop littering?

Or are you just not bothered?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I think that it is wrong to drop litter - I know I try my hardest to not drop litter and I am in my school Eco-Crew and do a twice weekly litter pick!
Laura, 10, Falkirk

I try not to litter but at my school even though there are a lot of bins loads of people litter and if you put your hand underneath the desk you hand gets covered in wet chewing gum. Round where I live there isn't a lot of litter because people that live down are road are tidy even though we live by a train station.
Eliot, 11, Teddington

I hate it when my friends drop litter, I always tell them to pick it up- and if they don't I will. They soon feel guilty that they made me pick up their rubbish because they were too lazy!
Lexy, 14, Cumbria

It's just lazy to drop your litter on the ground, it only takes 2 seconds to put it in the bin!
Katherine, 12, Oxfordshire

Carrier bags are the worst. I pick them up if they get stuck on my shoe and chuck 'em in the nearest wheelie bin!
Meg, 13, Shrewsbury

I hate it when people litter. At school when I see someone doing it, I always what to tell them to pick it up. But they would just ignore me or call me names.
Emma, 14, Oakworth

I hate litter, lots of my friends drop litter and when I ask them about it, they just say things like 'Well the birds can eat it' even if it is something like a crisp packet. My school used to look terrible with all the litter but now if you misbehave you have to go round and pick up litter. I think this is a good idea because as it is embarrassing, it is also a deterrent for bad behaviour. People don't seem to understand the massive effect that litter is having on the environment. But it is hard to get the message through to people.
Becky, 14, Lytham St Annes

Litter is disgusting and I think people should take it home with them if there are no bins around!
Ben, 13, Ballymena

In our school each year group has there own part of the school and every day in registration a tutor group from that year has to go and pick up the litter in their year groups space. at the end of every term the year group with the tidiest space wins a big prize, like a trip to Thorpe Park.
Ashleigh, 13, Slough

I think litter is terrible. The thing is, people only do it cos they can't be bothered to go to a bin!!
Lucy, 10, Halifax

I know it's bad but it's ok to me only if I know there isn't a bin anywhere near, but if it's just flung idly right near a bin then it's a bit annoying!!
Terri, 13, Winsford

On my way home from school I saw loads of litter all around a tree and in even a bottle in the tree. It's not fair on the wildlife!
Jack, 14, Scarborough

I only drop litter if I really can't help it but once I picked up litter along a road and I felt really good.
Yovela, 12, Manchester

It doesn't bother me, I don't mind if it's dirty but as long as they don't throw it on my driveway or garden.
Gemma, 13, Belfast

I hate litter! It is so damaging our environment! It makes England look scruffy and untidy. It is not fair on the people who do not litter.
Abigail, 10, Hoddesdon

Rubbish is really annoying especially when it ruins your front garden. The other day I saw somebody throwing a chip wrapper in my neighbours garden. It's really disgusting.
Natalie, 10, Gateshead

I think littering is a disgusting habit and should definitely not be tolerated under any circumstances.
Emily, 13, Kent

It is very annoying, especially at school. In year 7 we were allowed to take out food out, but we are not allowed now because of the litter. They have loads of bins around the school as well.
name here

I think that everyone does it but instead of owning up to it they blame other people or make up a excuse.
Hannah, 10, Reading

Litter is soooooooooooo annoying! It ruins our environment and makes OUR towns look like pig sties!
Katie, 10, Chickerell

I'm sick of rubbish just being left there. We're spending money for cleaners on the street and they're just making it worse. There are plenty of bins around or if you can't find on then go in a shop.
Rebecca, 11, Padiham

It bothers me an unbelievable amount! I would never drop a single piece of litter, and I don't see why everyone else does.
Sarah, 14, Essex

I hate litter on the streets it bugs when I see it. I like clean fresh places. Although I do admit that sometimes when the bin is ages where I am from, I tend to through the smallest amount of litter possible! Honest!
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I hate people who drop litter on the ground, because it is not very good for the environment they should just put all their rubbish in the bin like they should!
Rebecca, 14, Burford

Litter doesn't really bother me because if people choose to throw the rubbish then they will have to face the consequences of getting caught by the police or the council of their community. It will serve them right if they do so.
Louise, 13, Wakefield

I can't stand litter! Why can't people just clean up after themselves, you only need to walk to the bin to get rid of it the right way.
Tobiah, 15, Ottawa

YES! It's really pointless. It also rubs me up the wrong way when people drop it right next to a bin, or to be cool.
Laura, 13, Cramlington

Litter is totally unnecessary. We have loads of bins for people to put stuff in at school but they just chuck rubbish on the ground.
Lizzie, 15, Oxford

It really does annoy me, I sometimes do drop litter but not on purpose. I tidy up the area near my house when I have time so it looks nicer but then the car repair centre next to my house is just full of rubbish!
Michelle, 15, Huddersfield

Litter really bugs me because it is not just disgusting but it damages the natural environment.
Gareth, 12, Oswestry

People should respect the environment and respect that others don't want to see litter everywhere.
Sarah, 12, Dorset

Litter bugs me - people throw stuff in our front garden and my dad makes me clean it up. It's soo annoying!
Phoebe, 12, London

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