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Last Updated: Monday April 25 2005 13:28 GMT

Star Wars marathon has sold out

A Star Wars fan at Celebration III
A special showing of all six Star Wars films in just one day sold out in less than five minutes on Monday.

And the lucky fans who were able to get their hands on tickets will be among the first in the world to see Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on 16 May.

Some tickets were sold at the Empire cinema in London, with fans queuing outside from Friday night to buy them.

A spokesperson for the cinema said: "This is the fastest selling screening we've ever had at the Empire".

Star Wars creator George Lucas
Lucas said there will be more Star Wars on TV
They weren't the only fans of the space saga to get excited about the films in the last few days, with 30,000 people attending a convention in the US.

They were at an event called Celebration III, and some of them heard news on the future of the series from a very special source, Star Wars creator George Lucas.

He spoke of plans for a new 100-part television series based on the time in between episodes III and IV (Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope) and even more animated Star Wars shows.

Some fans are so pleased with Lucas' efforts in creating Star Wars they've set up a website to show how much they like him.

The organisers behind the site hope to get a million people to sign their letter of appreciation to present to Lucas later in 2005.

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