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Last Updated: Wednesday April 27 2005 17:55 GMT

How much of a geek are you?

Star Wars fan in Stormtrooper costume
The biggest ever science fiction convention has taken place in the US, with more than 30,000 Star Wars fans attending the geek fest!

So how geeky are YOU?!

Are you obsessed by Star Wars, Doctor Who - or any sci-fi in general?

Or do you think that it's not what you're into that makes you a geek... but how much you're into it?

E-mail and tell us about the geek in you!

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Your comments

Doctor Who rocks! I don't know how people think it is weird and there is no way that I am a geek!
Steph, 13, Soham

Well I like LOTRr, Star Wars and Harry Potter and still play pretend swords so that makes me quite a big geek.
Matthew, 12, Belfast

You have found her. The BIGGEST LORD OF THE RINGS FAN EVER and there's no one else I've met that has the stuff I've got. Posters, figures, pencils, autographs, cardboard cut-outs, vid + DVDs, PS2 games, calendars from since it started, scrap book, my old tickets to the cinema, cinema posters and cut out, my LOTR drivers licence, leaflet of my trip to the LOTR exhibition and I'm hoping to win a shops LOTRs items (posters, cardboard cut-outs) lucky me. LOTR RULES.
Emily, 14, Oxfordshire

I strongly dislike Star Wars, Doctor Who is okay, and sci-fi in general is all right in moderation... but I'm a geek in other ways. I'm passionately involved with my school's academic quiz bowl team - I practise with the team four days a week and I can't possibly imagine doing anything else with my life. I intend to be a secondary-school English teacher when I finish university. If that's what makes me a geek, then I suppose that the answer would be yes, I am a geek. And proud of it!
Emily, 15, San Diego

I am definitely not a geek but I don't think people who like electronics are geeks because I love my CPU and boys and I'm really ghetto at times.
Cerise, 13, Oak Park

I listen to classical, opera, jazz, classic rock, and country. I also play the piano, sing classically and I'm into acting. It makes me a nerd!
Emma, 15, Canada

I love being a geek, although I'm not a huge one, I love Harry Potter, and am pretty computer savvy, but I'm definitely NOT a geek.. they are just SOOO scary...
Hannah, 13, Lawrence

I'm not a major geek but I am one. I love cards play 3 instruments in band and I get straight A's.... so I'm a major geek
DeAnne, 15, USA

I'm good at science because I am doing my GSCE's early in it but I don't think that makes me a geek.
Jessica, 14, Jersey

I'm a geek. I love computers, studying, I wear glasses and I am unpopular - geek material!
Natasha, 13, Essex

I love Lord of the Rings, used to be obsessed: watching The Two Towers seven times in theatres and Return of the King six! I love my violin, and have the highest grade in my Chemistry class. A geek? Not to me!
Latasha, 15, USA

I can proudly define myself as a geek - I am officially obsessed with Harry Potter (with five websites devoted to it), and I spend about 4 hours a day on the computer. I love gadgets, LotR, Lemony Snicket, and everything to do with magic. I read about ten books a month (more or less - mostly more), and I never shut up about the latest thing released about H.P. I am a geek - and proud of it!
Kathryn, 13, Columbus

I am kinda geeky, my friends say I'm not but I am. I don't care either I'm proud to different!
Sophia, 13, Caithness

I don't think being a geek is a bad thing - it's better than being completely thick...
Nancy, 11, London

Well I play computer games obsessively, and spend probably 90% of my spare time on the internet during which (along with other things) devoutly study the Star Wars online databank and read Star Wars fan-fiction. I'm only half reluctant to admit that yep - I'm a geek.
Joanne, 14, Newcastle

I am not a fan of robots, rockets and thingys. I like computers, and I don't think people who like gadgets are geeks.
Annabel, 12, London

I love cats, every IT lesson I show everyone this cat website because they're soo great! My cat talks to me as well it's really cool. I'm a cat geek!
Stacey, 15, Bristol

I like computers and stuff but if you like Star Wars and stuff it doesn't mean you are a geek! Don't pay any attention 2 ppl dat say u r a geek.
Leona, 11, MacDuff

I love Star Wars! When I go to college, I'm training to become a Jedi Knight. May the force be with you!
Matt, 12, Harpenden

I'm no geek. But I just love Doctor Who. I like to play chess and I'm good at it to I'm told. But... I hate Science. It just bores me to death.
Hollie, 10, Derby

I think it is plain mean to call someone a geek. People have the right to do what they like without having to be scared of being called names such as 'geek'. What are people always telling us about bullying?
Nicola, 14, Scotland

I think I'm a bit of a geek. I'm always on the computer, or reading loads of books, and I never shut up about Doctor Who. I get quite upset when people tease me about it though.
Anna, 11, Ayrshire

I can't stand any sci-fi stuff, and I feel like the whole Star Wars thing is my personal enemy, I hate it so much. So no, I'm not a geek in those terms.
Sarah, 14, Essex

I have already taken my A-levels in maths, further maths and physics and chemistry. I do chess, electronics club, and I'm head of the mathletes, so I guess I'm a geek, but I'm proud of it!
Jonathon, 15, Cambridge

I'll admit, I'm a big geek when it comes to Lord of the Rings.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

Everyone describes a geek in their own version of what they see geeks as. I just see "geeks" as normal people who try to get somewhere in life by actually paying attention in lessons!! But soo what if you are a "geek", who cares? It's your life. If you want to be clever, then you go dude!!!!
Gen, 14, London

I hate it when people criticise other people because they have different interests than the popular kids. I like DR WHO But I hate chess. It's the word geek that make kids avoid being smart. But they will regret it in future life.
Simon, 14, Birmingham

I'm a bit of a band geek - I love anything vaguely connected to Funeral for a Friend and always buy rock for me, anyway.
Emi, 15, London

I like watching science fiction programmes but I don't see the point of getting obsessed about them.
Charlotte, 11, Arnold

I'm a complete Les Miserables geek. I love it. I was meant to be born in 1800s France I think! I'm a bit obsessive, yes, but that's not SUCH a bad thing.
Laura, 14, Southampton

I really like Star Wars, Doctor Who and computers but 'till now didn't think I was a geek.
Gary, 11, Oxford

I suppose I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to Lord of the Rings. I adore the films and books. I also play the piano. I can be a geek when I want to be.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

People say I'm a geek because I like all the gadgets and stuff. I also like chess and playing the harmonica but I'm not a geek!
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

I think a geek is not what you do, or how much you like it. I think that geek = unique. I think being unique is worth celebrating, so let's all celebrate the geek inside of us. Go geeks!
Alice, 14, London

I do my homework everyday and I always get extra work from all my subject teachers. I love to go to the after school chess clubs and I simply can't understand why people don't like coming to school! School is my life and if there wasn't any school, goodness knows what I'd do so I think I'm a BIG geek. Oops!
Amanda, 12, Nottingham

If you are obsessed by computers you are a computer geek, what about if you are obsessed with clothes and shopping? Does that make you a shopping geek? No, it means you are cool! That is so stupid!
Maryam, 13, Sheffield

I used to have a HUGE obsession with comic books. It was all I would talk about.
Louise, 14, Glasgow

I use computers loads, I love Star Wars and reading!
Liam, 11, London

I am certainly not a geek.
Fiona, 14, Leicestershire

I don't think it's right to describe people who take an interest in Star Wars, Dr Who or sci-fi programmes or how much you take part in school activities or getting high grades as geeks. It is rude and the name is what can stop children from doing well at school.
Laila, 15, Hampton

I like Star Wars and Dr Who a bit....but I wish I was a geek! I can't understand chess at all and would love to be more clever!
Honey, 13, Milton Keynes

I think that it's unfair to label people as geeks, just because they're a fan of something or because they're clever. So what if someone is into sci-fi or they're clever? It does not automatically make them a geek - leave them alone!
Emma, 15, Scarborough

I am no a geek at all! I used to play chess but that does not make you a geek!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

It depends what you call a geek, everyone is different, but not necessarily a geek! I'm ok, I don't want to be really popular, I like being just how I am.
Rach, 14, Twickenham

I get called a geek but I think it's because I'm smart. I'm not into sci-fis, I don't go to chess or science clubs. I play musical instruments but that doesn't make me a geek!
Rach, 14, Newcastle

I like quite a lot of things. I like Star Wars and I'm in the school orchestra but I also like other things like hanging out with my mates. I'm not a geek, it's wrong to call people who like certain things a name they don't particularly like.
Flo, 12, Bath

What right has anyone else got of calling someone a geek just because of what stuff they like doing?
Jack, 14, Vancouver

I love Star Wars and Dr Who, but I don't really mention it at school since my friends would think I was weird.
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

I don't think I'm a geek. I am not in the chess club (I know how to play it but don't) and I hate things like Star Wars and stuff!
Leona, 11, Macduff

I have been a Star Wars fan all my life, I have a huge collection of Star Wars figures, dolls, books, CDs, everything! I'm proud of my collection!
Sarah, 13, Grimsby

Doctor Who is the best thing on Earth (or any other planet, including Gallifrey) but it doesn't make me a geek! What is a geek? Just because it's only a TV show doesn't mean being obsessed is weird!
Caitlin, 12, Parbold

I LOVE STAR WARS! I have a poster of it in my room and watch the episodes everyday after school, my friends think I'm boring because of this. I totally adore Doctor Who.
Martin, 14, Milton Keynes

Personally I'm a huge fan of Somerset and Cornwall, they're so much better than anywhere else in the world! They have the best chess sets too! I don't like Star Wars 'cos it's American - I would like it if all the actors came from Somerset though. And I like Queen...they rock!
Heather, 14, Bristol

I am really geeky, I love Star Wars I watch it everyday. I play with all the action figures and have all the games which is really unusual for a girl.
Tasha, 14, Plymouth

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and in the chess club at school - I think that makes me quite a big geek!
Steve, 14, Preston

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