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Last Updated: Thursday December 01 2005 11:35 GMT

Tell us your science lesson stories

Pupils doing a science experiment
Pupils doing a science experiment.
Your science lessons don't include enough practical experiments, says a new report.

It also says doing more experiments in class could help you find science more interesting.

So we want to know what YOUR science lessons are like.

How often do you do practical work?

Do you think doing experiments helps you understand the work more?

Or would you like your lessons to be made more fun?

Tell us what happens in your science lessons!

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Your Comments

In my science class, we do an experiment of some sort every Thursday. The experiment is based on what we are learning in our text book. When we are done, we do a lab report about it, which is one page long. I like these experiments because they are fun and you learn stuff you wouldn't learn out of the book's lesson. We actually do the experiments.
Julie, 12, Minnesota

We do 10 hours of science over 2 school weeks, including 2 hour sessions once a week. We do practicals for coursework and general learning at least once a week, including lamb's heart dissection. By getting hands on we learn a lot faster for our GCSEs
Melissa, 15, Sussex

Our science lessons are quite good fun. The teacher does the experiment then we do it
Katherine, 12, Livingstone

We do experiments nearly every lesson, using Bunsen burners and fun things like that! But we use them safely, the teacher shows us how to use them.
Sophie, 11, Cambridgeshire

When we do science lessons we have to watch our teacher do them all the time.
Kerry, 11, Aberdeen

I think science lessons are great because you get to work them out with fun experiments.
Connor, 9, Coventry

I really dislike the three Sciences we have to do in school. Doing the experiments used to be fun until GCSE's started, because now we have to write about 4/5 pages about it!
Amy, 15, Wales

I really like my science lessons even though we don't do experiments that often. Experiments can help you understand sometimes but they are only one part of science.
Claire, 13, Edinburgh

Our science lessons are really good and fun, especially Chemistry because the teacher lets us do practicals!!!
Kez, 14, Ilford

One time I set the gas pipe alight - the teacher had come and put it out also THE ALARM went off!
Rachel, 11, Cardiff

I find science really boring and should not be a compulsory subject. Leave it to the smart kids!.
Steven, 12, Aberdeen

Science lessons are really fun! In all three science lessons: Biology, Physics and Chemistry, we do practicals. We blew up pigs' lungs once!
Jamie, 14, Banstead

We have 2 science lessons a week with different teachers. One lets us do experiments which helps us understand it more but the other always does it himself. We can't see the experiment and don't understand.
Tiff, 12, Newbury

I'm doing 3 sciences and in physics and biology we do loads of experiments but in chem we hardly do any. It's not fair. My brother blew up a lab desk once though so that's expected I suppose.
Aimee, 14, Leeds

Our lessons are boring - our teacher doesn't trust us so she does the experiment and makes us watch.
Melissa, 13, Colchester

Our class do experiments....But they're not big!
Emily, 9, Lancashire

Science is quite good this year and we do loads of experiments. But last year it was a different story! We hardly did any experiments and yr 5 wasn't allowed in the lab so our teacher just said "Read your books" - that actually was quite good cos I like reading!
Charlotte, 10, Worcestershire

Science lessons at my school are quite good. We do practical nearly every lesson.
Rachel, 14, West Sussex

We do loads of experiments! We melt marshmallows for 15 mins every lesson!!!
Harriet, 12, London

Our Science lessons are really boring. We hardly ever do anything literal in the Lab, and when we do because there's not enough equipment, only the teacher does it.
Alisha, 13, Leeds

The best practical we did was when we tested ticklishness by tickling the soles of each others feet! After loads of laughing we did really interesting statistics on the results. And yes boys are more ticklish then girls.
Natalie, 13, London

I hate my science lesson. my teacher just doesn't teach us anything. I think experiments if done right are essential in a child's learning.
Sally, 14, Ouston

I like science this year but last year we had the worst teacher ever! We hardly ever got to do science experiments and when we did we managed to break 100's of test tubes and the teacher managed to shoot a flame across the class room! I like experiments except in biology cutting things open!
Vicky, 13, Kidlington

I enjoy my science lessons as we do lots of experiments, like using Bunsen burners. I don't think schools should stop kids from doing experiments as it takes the fun out of lessons and also they get most peoples attention.
Fahim, 12, Faversham

Our physics lessons are so cool, last year when we were doing electricity we got to pass electric currents around the class through our hands! Our teacher shows us some really cool things to help us understand. Our chemistry lessons aren't very interesting though, loads of theory!
Olivia, 13, Tamworth

Doing experiments is great. Writing up about them afterwards, isn't.
Daniel, 14, Cornwall

We do experiments occasionally, like mixing indicators to acids and watch them change colour etc. But usually we just take notes and work from sheets or books.
Josephine, 12, Darlington

We have lots of practical science experiments in our science book and we're supposed to do them in class, but the science teacher doesn't let us, even though the school has all the equipment!
Hend, 14, Egypt

Last year we used to do some really cool chemical reactions. Which was fun. But now, our new teacher is a physicist and he made us do a really BORING pendulum experiment.
Lucy, 12, Kent

At my school we have science every day and we have a double period twice a week which is specifically set aside to do experiments. I think that doing the experiments is a great way to learn as later, when we are going over different concepts, we can refer back to the practicals we've done and have a better idea of how and why the idea works.
Natalia, 15, USA

We have three or four science lessons a week and we do experiments every lesson.
Sinead, 11, Corsham

Our science teacher left Potassium Permanganate VII in water and left it there. It blew up our science labs and the fire bell went off!
Josh, 13, Yateley

My Science block has just been refurbished so my lessons are really good!
Thomas, 10, Dulwich

We do science practicals all the time, I am in a top set so I have to do triple science and the experiments are really fun!
Holly, 13, Guildford

Around two weeks ago a Science Bus came to our school. On it we did lots of experiments. We got to spend 50 minutes on it. The bus was split in half. One half was Chemistry and the other was Biology. When we were in the Chemistry we made a Lava lamp. This bus goes all around Ireland so I think in Ireland we do a lot of science and experiments.
June, 12, Dublin

We do lots of practical work in our school it makes science fun!
Beth, 11, Bristol

I like doing science experiments. I don't think we do enough of them though. I find experiments fun. I think that a lot of children find it easer to learn when they are enjoying themselves. So I think we should do more.
Eloise, 12, Paddck Wood

We do experiments, but when we don't it gets really boring. It would be fun and more interesting to do more experiments in school.
Alex, 12, Crymych

We do experiments every lesson and it's so cool. Our teacher threw magnesium etc and we got sparks and a big green flame and a bang - COOL!
Yovela, 12, Manchester

I like science because it's fun. We do science every Thursday. We also do lots of experiments.
Sophie, 10, Hartley

I love my teacher because she lets us do the experiment ourselves.
Aleyna, 7, Edmonton

We only do experiments when a special teacher from the local high school comes in. I don't think our teachers are qualified to do experiments. That isn't the way it should be.
Shea, 9, Chingford

We do MILLIONS of experiments in science. It is soooo fun. I feel sorry for those who don't do any.
Alice, 11, Bangor

Our science lessons are fun. We use different substances and change the colour of things and that. It's like magic!
Keyan, 12, Bolivia

I hate doing experiments on our own as I'm always scared they'll go wrong. I think experiments should be done in a large group with the teacher rather than in pairs as it's safer and the results are better explained.
Sarah, 12, London

We never get to do experiments any more because SOME of the people in my class never listen to the teacher. SO unfair for the people that do behave in class!
Shaibah, 13, High Wycombe

We are always doing science experiments in school, like putting sodium in water and thermal reactions and we have enough equipment for everyone.
Oli, 15, Bedford

We do loads of experiments at my school. Sometimes they end with a bang though!
Jasmine, 13, Glos.

We do science experiments all the time, we use Bunsen burners and microscopes. We do written work as well so we have a good balance of different things.
Freya, 11, Isle of Man

We don't do enough experiments even though we have three lessons a week of science. My teachers are too strict and set lots of homework.
Robert, 13, Barnet

We do lots of experiments in science! We have four science lessons a week and I love them!
Helen, 14, Chester

We haven't done any experiments this term. Our lessons are so boring - we have really bad teachers.
Sophie, 14, London

When I was in Year 8, my teacher was showing us an experiment using Bunsen burners. Halfway through the gas pipe came off the gas tap. The gas ignited and sent bright green flames across the desk!
Tom, 13, Walderslade

We've been doing quite a bit of experiments lately for our coursework. In Physics, we're doing resistance of a wire. In Chemistry, rates of reaction. I don't know if we're doing experiments for Biology though.
Aparna, 14, London

My science lessons can be really cool as we get to do experiments, but that is when we have another teacher! My class is really bad the teacher can't even control them! I have not learn anything!!!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

In our science lessons we do experiments every lesson and we have four lessons a week!
Charlotte, 12, Hartlepool

We hardly do practicals but the best one was when we got out the Van der Graph generator which made our hair stand on end!
Kimberly, 12, Malpas

I don't do any experiments at all. We just work straight from the textbook. It's the same everyday - read the text then answer the questions. It's so boring!
Lily, 15, London

I had a science experiment today which was good but the thing I hate about it is the fact our teacher makes us all squash in together. My table have to sit on our table and there are gas taps on them and when you sit your bum hurts so bad!
Becky, 13, Poole

Our teacher just grew mould! It was disgusting!
Abigail, 9, Derby

I never have science lessons.
Marianne, 11, Callander

When I was in Year 8, me and my friend blew up a thermometer because we put it in too early! We do some science experiments now but in biology we mainly do written work and watch videos about the topic.
Angharad, 14, Wales

We have lots of mixed science lessons - sometimes we will just write and copy out of a boring book or sometimes we get to do practicals. Science is the best subject ever!!
Darren, 14, Gainsborough

I want to do more practicals as I think I get more out of them.
Zoe, 11, Redhill

We do all sorts of experiments as our teacher is always going on about how important practical experiments are!
Rachael, 11, Merstham

We hardly do practicals. We can just copy out what's on the board. It's easier to do than do practicals but practicals would be more fun!!
Hazel, 12, Leceister

I always have to do stupid write-ups and it is really boring!!
Fleur, 10, Norwich

Once in science we made a lightsaber, well not a lightsaber really but we got a really thin wire and loaded it with 200 volts and made a super hot wire which burnt through a table!
Vad, 15, London

We hardly ever do science experiments because we hardly ever do actual science. When we do they are really boring!!!
Josie, 10, Christchurch

We do a fair amount of experiments. Teachers only do the really dangerous ones at the front and then let us do easier ones.
Rachel, 13, Lincoln

In my secondary school we do lots of practical work with Bunsen burners, telescopes and chemicals. It is so fun! I wish that every secondary and primary school did lots of practical work because you learn faster and more than just doing boring old written work!!!!
April, 11, Codicote

In chemistry we do experiments every week!
Natalie, 14, Wales

In my school we do a lot of practical work which I enjoy, but when you get older we don't do many experiments - it's mainly videos!
Sami, 14, Hitchin

When you are older you seem to do less experiments in my school. Nowadays, it's just theory work! How boring!
Shahad, 15, Cardiff

On teacher showed us a pig's lung and showed us how it work by blowing into a tube that had been inserted into the wind pipe. Afterwards she let us touch it with a glove on they felt really spongy. I think that doing things like that make the subject easier to understand. It was really cool!
Chris, 15, Christchurch

We had a science week last week so in pairs we went around the classroom and spent 20 mins at each table with different experiments at every table. We had to do a report on every experiment and then we went through all the stuff with the class on Friday and we are having a test on all the stuff on Wednesday.
Lily, 11, Finland

We hardly ever do experiments. Our teacher usually does them at the front so we just watch. I wish we did more to make lessons more fun.
James, 13, Norwich

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