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Last Updated: Wednesday November 30 2005 11:47 GMT

Single review: Rihanna - If It's Lovin' That You Want

Release date

28 November 2005


The follow-up to Pon de Replay is a bit more laid back, but still has her dance-hall groove.


Well, basically Rihanna is telling a young fella to call her if he feels like it.

Come on girl, how about taking that first step yourself?

Will you still be humming it next week?

Could be, but it's not as infectious as Pon de Replay. It doesn't really have a great hook to get it stuck in your head.

Chart worthiness

It'll probably go top 10, but shouldn't set the charts on fire - it's just not got as much energy as it should do.

NR rating:

Have YOU heard this single?

It's one of these songs that is different yet they're really original and just like every other plain song. It's no-where near as good as Pon de Replay, though it's an o.k. attempt.
Jan, 15, Belfast

Pon de Replay is so much better! It's faster, and you can enjoy it more! This new song just makes me YAWN!
Kirsty, 12, Manchester

I think it was a really good single and should hit the charts at number 1!! The tune was fantastic and the rhythm was great! I personally think this was one of Rhianna's best singles!
Rushna, 12, Heston

I'm disappointed with this rating. "If it's Lovinī that you want" made me hum for a month! It is a good song, but I agree that "Pon de Replay" is a little bit better.
Vale, 10, New York

I think this song is a bit slow and I like Rihanna's first song better because it is faster and got a good rhythm to it.
Thomas, 11, York

I love this song, it has such a good beat and it's so good to dance to!!!
Sophie, 14, Southall

I think it is ok but I prefer Pon de Replay because that was a song that could really impress you and get you moving around.
Shireen, 13, Leeds

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