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Last Updated: Wednesday April 27 2005 07:38 GMT

I want my website to help visually impaired young people

Libby and the rest of her team in Jamaica

The Cable and Wireless Childnet Academy recognises some of the best sites on the internet created by young people around the world.

Fifteen-year-old Libby won an award for her site and went to Jamaica with other Childnet award winners to learn more about building great websites.

In her report Libby tells us about her own winning website, Looking at You.

"My website is about how young people that are visually impaired or blind can participate in lots of activities and show their independence.

We came up with the idea of creating a website because my teacher, Mr Jones, told us about a television programme he had watched.

It was about a man who was losing his sight, and because of this he killed himself.

We didn't think it gave a good impression so we decided to do our website about it.

Audio to add

Libby receiving her award
Libby receiving her award
It took 16 weeks to create the website from start to finish.

However, there's more we'd like to do with the site.

We would like to add digital videos of school mobility lessons.

And also an audio description of the website to help blind people use it.

Main prize

Childnet helped me by giving me new ideas on how to improve the site and how to promote it better to the world.

We thought our website was good but we didn't think for a minute that we would have won one of the main prizes.

Working together

I learnt lots of new things in Jamaica: how to promote our website, how to make digital movies and about being safe on the Internet.

The best part of the Academy experience was meeting lots of young people from all over the world who were interested in the Internet and working together as a team."

Libby, 15, Scotland

Click on My Website on the top right hand side to see Libby's website

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