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Last Updated: Friday November 25 2005 18:00 GMT

Gadget forces gangs to buzz off

The Mosquito
A hi-tech method of stopping gangs hanging around where they're not wanted is being used by a Welsh shopkeeper.

The Mosquito is a box which sends out high-pitched sound waves which annoy people so much they move on.

The box's inventor reckons it works so well because it's mostly people under 20 that can hear the infuriating buzz.

Robert Gough, from Barry, south Wales, fitted the gizmo outside his shop after shoppers complained about gangs of up to 30 kids hanging around.

Younger people are affected more because your hearing usually gets worse as you age, meaning you can't hear high-pitched noises as well.

"I told the kids it was to keep the birds away because of the bird flu epidemic. They waited for their friends and left covering their ears," said Mr Gough.

He said he was "very pleased" with the results and claims shoplifting has also dropped.

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