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Last Updated: Thursday November 24 2005 17:57 GMT

Quiz: Goblet of Fire film

Emma Watson as Hermione

Question 1

What colour is Ron's bow tie at the Yule Ball?

A: White
B: Black
C: Grey

Question 2

What room is Harry standing by when he asks Cho out?

A: The owlery
B: The room of requirement
C: The Potions classroom

Question 3

What kind of creatures flutter around the girls from Beauxbatons when they arrive in the Great Hall?

A: Bluebirds
B: Butterflies
C: Hummingbirds

Question 4

Which hand does Professor McGonagall ask Ron to put on her waist when learning to dance?

A: Right
B: Left

Question 5

Which Patil sister does Shefali Chowdhury play?

A: Padma
B: Parvati

Question 6

Who is the very first character to appear on screen in GOF?

A: Harry Potter
B: Wormtail
C: Frank Bryce

Question 7

Which two members of GOF also appear in the new series of Doctor Who?

A: David Tennant and Timothy Spall
B: David Tennant and Roger Lloyd Pack
C: David Tennant and Ralph Fiennes

Question 8

How old does the Quick Quotes Quill keep insisting Harry is?

A: 11
B: 12
C: 13

Question 9

Who tells Harry about Gillyweed in the film version?

A: Dobby
B: Seamus
C: Neville

Question 10

Who wrote the screenplay?

A: Steve Kloves
B: David Heyman
C: Mike Newell

Question 11

Which of these is NOT a 'catchphrase' which was used to advertise the film?

A: Dark and Difficult Times Lie Ahead
B: Hard Times Are Ahead
C: Difficult Times Lie Ahead, Harry

Question 12

What plant does Harry make up to Neville when he is stressed in the library before the second task?

A: Tibetan turnip
B: Polish parsnip
C: Russian rhubarb

Question 13

How many times does Snape tell Harry and Ron off when they are whispering about dates during study?

A: Twice
B: Three times
C: Five times

Question 14

How many earrings do Parvati and Padma each wear for most of the film?

A: One
B: Two
C: Three

Question 15

What's the very first thing Harry notices is different about Hagrid when he's trying to impress Madame Maxime?

A: He's wearing a flower
B: He's done his hair
C: He's had a bath

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