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Last Updated: Wednesday April 20 2005 09:47 GMT

Inquiry into new wind farm begins

Wind turbines
Experts have begun looking at plans to build Britain's biggest wind farm.

The idea is to build 27 huge turbines near Cumbria, which would create enough power for 46,000 homes in the area.

Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace are backing the scheme because they say it's environmentally friendly to make energy from wind power.

But some local people don't agree with the wind farm. They say the massive 115m turbines will ruin the landscapes and put tourists off visiting.

Power stations which burn fossil fuels like coal are a major cause of global warming. Green groups are describing the wind farm plans as "important step in tackling climate change".


But Ian Brodie, from landscape protection group Friends of the Lake District disagrees. He said: "This project would be absolutely catastrophic for the area.

"Having spoken to local people the concern is that it would hugely reduce the enjoyment they got from the local landscape and their own homes."

The public inquiry, where officials will look at evidence from both sides and work out whether to give the farm the go ahead, is expected to take about seven weeks.

Your thoughts on this:

I'm not personally against wind turbines, but why do the biggest ones in Britain have to be put somewhere which is visible for miles around. Why can't they just be placed in the sea? How would you like Britain's biggest wind farm outside your doorstep, and what will happen to all the birds nesting on the hills?
Stella, 12, Penrith

Wind farms should not be put anywhere if the local people don't agree with them.
Chloe, 11, Daventry

Wind farms are the perfect way to make energy - they don't do any harm to anyone and each turbine is not a lot worse than an electricity pylon, and nobody complains about them! They are clean and are an excellent investment for free, constant energy for all the area.
Jemma, 15, Taunton

I don't think they should get rid of the wind farms because if we did we would have no energy to operate the towns and landmarks.
John, 12, Callander

I think wind farms are a great idea, it's much more important we look after the environment than making sure we have enough tourists.
Lucy, 12, Hanwell

I think that they should put them up anyway. So what if they lose the tourism?!?
Stefan, 13, Eastwood

I think these should be left there. I use to live in West Yorkshire and there were loads of wind farms around there - they don't look bad they look cool and all the little kids and tourists love them.
Corrina, 12, Bourne

I think it's a good idea because it's clean power but I can see why some people don't like them because they are not a nice view!
Lydia, 11, Sheffield

If people are bothered about the way tourists may not like the wind farm, it may be because of the way the turbines look. I think that if the turbines had a different appearance and were not just white, they would be more attractive. Also, if they were interesting to look at and different from other turbines, maybe that could encourage tourists to visit.
Sinead, 13, Leicester

I think that they should build the wind farm, as it is environmentally friendly!
Maryam, 13, Sheffield

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