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Last Updated: Wednesday April 20 2005 06:59 GMT

We met ASIMO the robot!

ASIMO the robot
ASIMO shows off his humanoid tricks to students

Recently students at Hawkley Hall High School in Wigan came face to face with cutting-edge technology and a group of students from the school newspaper were on hand to write all about it.

This is their report on what happened when they met one of the most advanced robots in the world.

"It was the launch day celebrating the school's newly granted Engineering College status.

We are the first school in Greater Manchester to achieve this and to help us celebrate, we were joined by a very special guest.

ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is a fourth generation robot made by Honda and he was at our school to show us just how advanced he is.

ASIMO the Tobot
This is only the second time that ASIMO has appeared in public
It's not surprising that as one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world, ASIMO is capable of doing many 'human' things such as walking up and down stairs, waving and shaking hands but he also has a few tricks up his sleeve as he even does a mean 'boogie' to James Brown's 'I Feel Good'.

All this and he's roughly the size of a year 7 student and weighs in at 52kgs.

Also at school on our special day were some robots from the T.V. series 'Robot Wars'.

One particular robot we saw in action was the famous 'Kan-Opener' and another robot, 'Bulldog Breed' was in its corner, waiting for its turn in our special Robot Wars event.

After spending time with the robots, we were able to spend time with Mr Halford who is the head teacher who arranged all the activities.

He told us: "Today has been well worth all the hard work.

We have shown our pupils what can be achieved through science and engineering."

Written by Matthew, Matthew, Jodie and Zoe, from Greater Manchester.

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