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Chat: Hotseat

Last Updated: Thursday November 24 2005 09:28 GMT

Hotseat: Lizo on the Potter boards

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is finally in the cinemas and loads of you have seen it already (at least once!)

Newsround's Lizo went on the Harry Potter film message board to chat to you about the movie.

Did he love it? Did he hate it? What about you?

Click on the link below to read what everyone asked and Lizo's replies.

We'll have all the answers up soon, but for the moment here's a selection of the questions and answers from the chat.

Lizo: Hi everyone,

I've just got back from the studio, and am ready for your questions.

And in the manner of Albus Dumbledore, I'd like to start off with a few words, and here they are: Oddments! Lankily! Cloaks!

iloveharrypotter1992: Hi lizo im kayleigh and i love harry potter but my dad has read all the books and i am only on the second one and he keeps bugging me to catch up and read all of them before the last one comes out but i don't think i will i love harry potter and this was the funniest even though ron really badly swears. My dad took me and my best friend dani (girl) to the cinema on saturday and we sat right at the front and i hate the graveyard bit and where the boy Cedric dies. he was so cute dani and me both agree but we were both close to tears when we saw him dying. it was upsetting and funny. the rating i'd give it is a 10/10. it was great and i wanna see it again so my dad might take us all again. i hope he does and we might be going to see narnia so i can't wait to see if he does.

Lizo:Hi Kayleigh, Glad to hear you enjoyed Goblet of Fire! I saw Narnia a few weeks back. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of it.

lunalozzypop: hi lizo I sent in a letter in to the Luna auditions is it true that they are actually cutting her out and do you know how is the final 5 are and are they looking at the letters people gave them !so many questions!!!! heehee please can you give me information about it please. love lunalozzypop x PS: love the show. and if you see the producer of Harry Potter can you say "lots of girls are out there after that part (including me!!!)

Lizo: Hi Lunalozzypop

Ok, the first thing is that Warner Bros will never contact people by email. So you should just ignore those. If you do receive one, it's someone hoaxing you.

I speak to the Harry Potter studios several times a week, and I asked them a couple of minutes ago about what you'd heard. They said that Luna has definitely NOT been cut out.

They are down to the last few girls they're looking at. I wish I could tell you more, but there is Luna stuff happening. And we'll post a story, hopefully in the next few days.

It's been amazing seeing how many of you want to be Luna. The Newsround boards are full of people who want to be Luna too.

All I can say is watch this space!

Weasleyworshiper: Hi lizo What is your favourite Harry Potter film and why?
Lizo: My fave film is probably Prisoner of Azkaban - but that's probably because it's my favourite book!

Researcher 786064: If you Lizo could be a Character in Harry potter and the Goblet Of Fire, who would you be and if you could change the Characters house, what house would you be in and Why?
Lizo: I'd quite like to be Lee Jordan! And being in Gryffindor would be fine, but I wouldn't complain if I was in Ravenclaw either!

neddieurock: Dear Lizo, How do you get into auditions and meet casting agents etc. It's just I've always wanted to do performing arts but I never have had an audition chance or anything proper. x
Lizo: Hi Ateeka

It looks like it's too late now to apply to audition for Order of the Phoenix. Casting is well underway. But if that changes, we'll let you know.

The casting agents visit lots of schools too when they're looking for people.

Terry33: I didn't really think it was a very good film, and they didn't do the book any justice. Having said that, David Tennant who played Barty Crouch Jr. was unbelievably gorgeous.
Lizo: Hi Terry33

Sorry it was such let down for you. I must say I really enjoyed it. There's a lot of plot going on, but I thought it just about worked. But I must say I agree that David Tennant is superb, I've seen him down on the set of next year's series of Dr Who and he's wonderful.

sunnygirly2k4 :Lizo, don't you think Emma Watson over acted a bit? And don't you think this Potter film is a lot more grown up than others?
Lizo: H iSunnygirly2k4,

No, I think Emma was great - I think that she is so like Hermione, who can be a bit earnest and over the top. And, yes, the film is a lot more grown up, but that's just keeping faithful to the books which are also getting scarier.

potter_fan123: have you met all of the main actors?
Lizo: Hi Potter_fan123

Yes, I've met them all many times now. They're really great. And I think they're superb in the films.

i_love_lizo: I think that the film left out too much details from the book, i mean, what happened to the blastended skrewts?

Lizo: You can't have everything you want in a film, and though I loved the Skrewts, I don't think you have to have them in the film to make it work.

your_inner_moppet05: Hiya Lizo you were so lucky to get to interview the stars of the movie! I was an extra in the GoF-you can't see me but im in the Yule Ball scene and i had the best time of my life! I met Rupert and Clemence and they were so lovely and kind! did you see a lot of filming and do you have any gossip lol????!!!!!!!!!! From Maddy

Lizo: Hi your_inner_moppet05. I didn't make it down onto the set of this movie for various reasons. But have seen lots of the behind the scenes footage that was filmed. Hope you enjoyed being an extra! I'm afraid I'm the last person to hear any gossip though!

snowjollygirl: Hello Lizo. I liked the film. what was your favourite scene in it and what scene did you think was scary? I like the show and the website. I hear the next film is out in 2007, it is true? reply back snowjollygirl

Lizo: I loved the Yule Ball. I think it looked wonderful. And I think the scariest bits were the Maze and, of course, the Graveyard. The next film will be out sometime in 2007.

winkyx: hi Lizo. i don't mind when they cut things out of films, cos obviously they have to or else it will be way too long, but i hate it when they cut out the best bits. they cut Ludo Bagman!! noooooooooooo!! i liked him in the book. oh well, good to hear they aren't cutting luna, i'm one of those many people that wanted to play her, but i have no agent and they didnt visit my school cos it's not local, so no luck there.

Lizo: I'm sorry they cut Ludo Bagman, but he would have been one more character in a very complicated film. Sorry to hear that the casting people didn't visit your school - but they did go to schools all over the country, not just around London.

robertpattinsonisHOT: when does the seventh book come out, do you know?? thanks

Lizo: JK has said she won't start writing in earnest for a few months yet. But I'm hoping she finishes the book in time to be out sometime in 2007

lunalozzypop: hi lizo i sent in a letter in to the luna auditions. is it true that they are actually cutting her out and do you know how is the final 5 are? and are they looking at the letters people gave them? so many questions!!!! heehee! please can you give me infomation about it please. love lunalozzypop xxxxxxxx p.s love the show. and if you see the producer of harry potter can you say "lots of girls are out there after that part (inclueding me!!!)" love you xxxxxxxxxx

Lizo: So many people want to be Luna! What I can tell you is that a few weeks ago they've narrowed it down to a final few girls. There's some other stuff about which we can't tell you yet, but we will very, very soon! I can't believe how many people out there want to play Ms Lovegood. As well as the Newsround boards, I've been looking and posting occasionally at a few other Luna boards. The message is be patient, we'll have some more news soon.

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