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Last Updated: Tuesday April 19 2005 15:21 GMT

Web help for kids who see abuse

Screen grab from website

Children who suffer domestic violence will be able to turn to a new website.

The Hideout, launched on Tuesday, will give help and advice to children who experience violence at home.

It's being launched by singer Will Young and the charity Women's Aid, and has special security features so you can read it safely at home.

Domestic violence is when someone in your family is being violent at home. It's thought 750,000 children witness it every year.

Will, who works as an ambassador for the Women's Aid charity,told Newsround: "People can go on the site and see domestic violence isn't right, that they're not to blame and that they're not alone.

"No-one will know you've been on it. Any questions you want answering will be answered."

Help and info

Will Young
The Hideout, which is supported by Children in Need, is also backed by Tracey Beaker author Jacqueline Wilson, singer Beverley Knight and TV presenters June Sarpong and Fearne Cotton.

It has loads of information about where to go and who to talk to if you need help. There are also interactive games and quizzes which can help you learn more.

The site also has a special panic button called Hide My Visit, which will immediately switch you to another website like CBBC, if someone interrupts you while you are looking at it.

And it explains how you can delete the history of visited pages on your browser.

You can take a look at The Hideout by clicking on the link on the right hand side.