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Last Updated: Tuesday November 22 2005 08:43 GMT

What can be done to stop bullying?

An upset girl

Anti-bullying week is all about raising awareness of the serious issue of bullying.

Special activities are taking place in schools to promote this year's theme - children's and young people's participation in tackling bullying.

Promit took part in an event where children spoke about what they are doing in their schools and communities to stop bullying.

And in his report he tells us about what he hopes the day would achieve.

As part of anti-bullying week I went to an event in London where hundreds of students got together to talk about how to stop bullying.

We discussed the different schemes that schools could start up.

Student advice

I think children who are being bullied are reluctant to speak to adults about this issue, and are more comfortable speaking to someone their own age.

That's why peer mentoring is a good idea in schools. Within a school, trained students can give advice to other students.

This is something that has started to happen in my school.

Own ideas

I also think it's important to listen to the bullies themselves. Maybe there's a reason as to why they are bullying - and a one-on-one session with them might help them address that problem.

Anti-bullying week is a really good way of highlighting the seriousness of bullying.

And it's good that students are able to get together, talk about it, and come up with their own ideas about how to stop bullying.

Positive atmosphere

Whilst I've been at this event I've had the idea of starting an anti-bullying pledge book. Everyone who signs it means that they have made a commitment to stop bullying.

There's been a real positive atmosphere here and a sense of unity and togetherness. Everyone taking part wants bullying to stop completely.

And I want to do everything I can to make that happen."

Promit, 14, Barnet

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