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Last Updated: Sunday April 17 2005 13:55 GMT

Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS

Salizhan Sharipov
Salizhan Sharipov is coming home soon

Astronauts on the Soyuz spacecraft have arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) after a two-day journey from Earth.

The new crew will take over the ISS so that the current team can go home.

The Soyuz craft has been going back and forth to the ISS since the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.

It will take the spacecraft 10 days to return to Earth. Salizham Sharipov and Leroy Chiao have been on the ISS since October 2004.

Soyuz-TMA 6 blasts off
The Soyuz spacecraft blasts off on its way to the ISS

The new crew members, Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips, will stay in space for six months.

Another astronaut called Roverto Vittor will come back to earth with the old crew.