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Last Updated: Monday November 21 2005 17:15 GMT

What do you think of the new Potter film?

Harry Potter cast

Your comments

I think this Potter film is the best yet I don't think it is suitable for younger children but for people my age it is brilliant! It should have had more of the book in though.
Robbie, 11, Blyth

I think the new film is amazing. Especially the scene with Voldemort. Nonetheless, it could be better. Harry, Ron and Hermione performed very well but I was unimpressed with Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory.
Oliver, 10, Harpenden

I think that the movie was fantastic, though a bit rushed in the end. It was also sad but I loved the humour and the excitement in it! Wicked, I say! A 100 out of 100!
Julia, 13, Sweden

It was an excellent film! The cast was spot on and the special effects were astounding. The two other schools were so cool! An immense film, I had tears in my eyes at the end!
Amber, 13, Leighton Buzzard

It's by far the BEST film yet! It was really funny and scary. I've seen it twice already - I love it! The new characters are very good and good looking!
Hayet, 15, London

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was brilliant! Rupert was brilliant - isn't he always? And Emma Watson is very convincing. I just wish it was about 3 hours longer! Can't wait for the DVD!
Grace, 13, Manchester

Where was Dobby? Dobby and Winky the elves were cut out which made the plot a bit confusing if you had not read the book..other than that it was wicked!
Louise, 15, Guernsey

I hated it and I hated particularly the girls in it.
Jeramy, 12, London

I think the new Harry Potter film is brilliant! I'd go to the ball with you Harry!
Jessica, 15, Llanelli

It was great! I particularly thought that Emma Watson was really good in this one!
Kate, 13, Nottingham

I think the film was great. Me and my friend jumped a lot in the last half hour of it!
Zoe, 12, Romford

I think that it was better than good, it was excellent. I loved it. It is the best film so far!
Rachel, 12, Hartlepool

I'd rate it 10/10 but it's a bit rude. Hermione has some bad language coming from her mouth!
Priyanka, 10, London

It was amazing! All the movies have been good but this was by far my favourite.
Holly, 15, USA

It was amazing!!! Harry, Ron and Hermione are the best! It was scary, interesting, funny - unbelievable!!! I love that movie!
Andreea, 13, Bucharest

I have watched the film. Was it great? You bet it was! This is probably the best film they have made yet!
Minty, 14, London

I think the new Harry Potter film is so good because there are new characters and 3 tasks that are really hard and dangerous!
Thomas, 8, Eaton Ford

Best ever film!!! I loved all of it. But I wish they'd done more about the Quidditch world cup. Apart from that I thought it was fantastic. I'm going to go and see it again and again!!!
Lizzie, 14, Dartford

I think that this Harry Potter movie was better then the other ones. The other films had no thriller element and were pretty much boring but once I saw this one, it brought a whole new side of Harry Potter!
Stephanie, 15, USA

It was good but a bit darker than the others and everything was a bit rushed!
Bridget, 12, Norwich

I think each potter film/book gets better and better!!! I love each and every one. The 4th film is much more darker but I still think it is really good and it's nice to see the characters grow up and act like normal teenagers in the ball scene.
Nicola, 14, Harrow

I thought it was ok but it wasn't as good as any of the rest it was a bit more boring than I expected.
Lizzie, 11, Cumbria

It was brilliant! I was always criticising the parts they cut out of the book, however it seems a lot more grown up, almost as surprising as the sixth book.
Emma, 12, Edgware

It was AMAZING! I loved it so much and Voldemort is perfect. So is Fleur and Cedric (he's definitely attractive enough). I recommend that Everyone goes and sees it. And of course Emma, Dan, and Rupert are as great as ever!
Emma, 15, Canada

I thought it was fantastic. Fleur was good and so was Mad eye Moody. It was very funny and quite sad. I had to take deep breaths when Harry was under water though. Brilliant movie.
Anna, 14, Bristol

WOW!! it was amazing.. all of it was brilliant! I'm going to be seeing it over and over again!
Jack, 14, Scarborough

It was amazing, definitely the best film so far. It was so scary but funny at the same time. My favourite scene was definitely the Yule Ball!
Shona, 15, Devon

I thought it was amazing, not quite as good as films like LOTR but certainly better than the other HP films. I was a bit disappointed with the absence of a Quidditch world cup match but I can understand why they cut it as the film is so long as it is. It does have some slow bits but these are few. I thought Voldemort was brilliant!
Ben, 15, Crawley

Wow! The film was amazing! It was really scary but it was very good! I was in hysterics at some part 'cos it was really funny! I would of enjoyed it more if they had included some other stuff from the books.
Poppy, 15, Kingston

I really enjoyed Harry Potter 4. It went by so fast, everything was sooo well put together. Of course there were some little changes from the book here and there, but that is to be expected. I mostly feel great about this film, with a few minor exceptions: 1) Dumbledore needs to take a chill pill. I am sorry, but Gambon just doesn't do it for me, I miss my old, calm Dumbledore. 2) The maze scene had like no obstacles! No skrewts, no sphinxes, just a big wind that "whooshes! However, the movie was unbelievably awesome! Visually appealing, as well as suspenseful. (And I must say, Harry's bathtub scene is REALLY nice!)
Shauna, 15, Fort McMurray

I thought the film was brilliant! The special effects were amazing! It was a lot scarier and darker than the previous films and is open to a much wider and older audience than the first 3 films.
Vicky, 14, York

I loved this film it was by far the best so far!!!! It was funnier, darker and scarier. My favourite scene was the maze bit. And I loved the way Hermione has a go at Ron after the ball!! A total must see!!!
Faith, 13, Dartford

Really brilliant film, loved every bit.. I thought it did move a little fast though.
Fiona, 14, Blackburn

From the previews it looked just like the book, when I saw it the beginning was a bit of a let down but then it started getting better and better, it was a really great movie and couldn't have been better.
Giulia, 13, Warwickshire

The book was better, in the film they left out Dobby and Winky.
Hayley, 14, Leicestershire

I didn't like it. I read the book and the movie left out a lot of the books characters and events. e
Aly, 13, Edinburgh

I think it was the best movie but it missed out lots of major details. Like the scene at the beginning with Winky.
Lauren, 11, Essex

In the words of Ron Weasley it was "bluddy brilliant"!!!!! The whole way through I was an awe at how fantastic it was!!!!! It was truly magical and it was sooooo funny! At times it was scary and then others....really sad! I had to fight back the tears when Harry wouldn't let go of Cedric's body and his dad came over and everyone was crying. I did actual cry a little bit, it was brilliant acting. This one was by far the best EVER!!!
Genna, 15, Derby

Wow. It was v. funny. I miss them actually having classes, they have left out those aspects for a while. The kids are getting so good. I didn't like the makeup for Voldemort. I liked the kind of hormone humour it had in it especially the bathtub scene. My favourite part was the end after Harry came out of the maze and everyone was cheering Danielle Radcliffe did a great job there. All in all it was my favourite.
Allison, 15, Overland Park

It was brill. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was funny, scary and thrilling. It looked sooo realistic and was amazing to watch. The scenes in the graveyard with Lord Voldemort were pure genius and kinda disgusting. The maze scene was amazing and I wish I could watch it again and again. Lord Voldemort was truly scary. The actors were amazing and really brought the book to life.
Ciara, 14, Baltinglass

Great! It fully deserved it's 12A rating. I thought the social dancing bit was hilarious! Just like school!
Katy, 15, Paisley

It was lacking major details ie. the fact Hagrid's a half giant, why Sirius suddenly appears, but was still good. But the worst missing thing was the Quidditch World Cup match.
Jordan, 13, Bracknell

The best Harry Potter film yet, but they cut out a lot from the books. And, I admit, I cried when Harry brought Cedric's body back.
Hazel, 14, Leighton Buzzard

It was amazing!!!! I'm going to see it again next week! It's really funny and quite scary. It was a shame they didn't include more of the Quidditch World Cup though.
Megan, 13, Prenton

I loved it, it was brilliant. It's my favourite one so far. However, a bit too much was missed out for my liking. I would have liked to have seen more of the Quidditch World Cup and the whole film was just centred around the main plot of the Triwizard Tournament, I would have liked it to include some of the subplots. It was still great though. Definitely worth seeing again.
Sophie, 14, Bridgnorth

The best part was when Harry saw Cho and spat his drink out.
Nadia, 12, Huddersfield

I think it was the best of the whole of them, Emma Watson did great as Hermione! I think in some parts of it, it was rushed.
Amanda, 12, Bradford

It was AWESOME!! Me and my friends dressed up to see it, it was very funny.
Ella, 13, Bucks

I thought the new Harry Potter film was the best yet! You can see how their acting skills have flourished to pure excellence, it has humour and horror spilled into one, absolutely terrific, and is it me, or does Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) Look hot :)!
Kathleen, 15, Birmingham

It's wicked!
Aparna, 14, London

What a wicked film, and such an emotional rollercoaster, I was laughing, crying shaking and smiling all at once. I was SO impressed with Dan at the end of the third task; he pulled it off really well!
Vicky, 15, Bournemouth

I thought the film was great when I went to see it with school except I was really ill during the film, I had a bad headache then felt sick, but I am going to see it tonight again so hopefully I will be able to enjoy it much more this time
Alice, 13, Norwich

Wow! I loved it, it was brilliant! The best movie I have ever seen, a lot better than the other three. Though Voldemort looked scary and I also thought that Madame Maxime didn't look real at all in those long legs, apart from that everything was just fine!
Rachel, 15, London

I LOVED it! I went with my friend and we laughed the whole way through! I loved the ball scene
Hannah, 14, Kent

I thought that the new Potter movie was good, scary and funny - I would rate it 10/10!
Luke, 14, Manchester

I thought the film was easily the best of the 4 so far! The best bit was when Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret! I couldn't stop laughing for ages!
Stacey, 15, Basildon

I thought the film was fantastic and the best one ever!! It was so good I wanted to see it again even before I walked out of the cinema!! Well Done Harry, Hermione and Ron, you were the best ever!
Tulsi, 12, Walsall

It was sooo scary. It was really realistic and thrilling. It was scary but I REALLY enjoyed it!
Harriet, 12, London

I thought this was definitely the best Potter film yet. Lord Voldemort was amazingly creepy. Once again though Dan and Emma's chemistry overshadowed anything developing between Ron and Hermione.
Ayesha, 15, Edinburgh

I thought the film was pure brilliance. It was so well put together. It was funny and yet scary at the same time. When Ron had to dance with Professor McGonagall it was hilarious as well as the scene where Harry is the bath trying to decode the golden egg. Some words can't even describe how good the film was!
Natalie, 12, London

I thought the film was the best one so far. The mermaids were very scary.
Georgia, 8, Wiltshire

I really loved it. I thought it was better that the other films. Voldy was fab.
Jenny, 14, Glasgow

Best 1 out of the 4, it was quite funny as well as scary.
James, 14, Hull

I think it was as good as all the others but I'm not a Harry Potter fan really.
Jacob, 12, Folkestone

Wow!!!! It was amazing, better than all the rest put together.
Vicky, 14, Peterborough

I thought the maze scene was really scary - I had to hide behind my fingers!
Laura, 13, London

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