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Last Updated: Friday April 15 2005 16:19 GMT

Eggs found in a dinosaur fossil

Part of the fossil showing the egg
The fossil of a dinosaur containing eggs with shells on has been discovered by scientists.

The two pineapple-sized eggs were found in the body of the ancient animal which must have died just before she was ready to lay her eggs.

The creature, which is thought to have lived around 65-98 million years ago, was discovered in China.

It's thought she was a theropod, a group of two-legged meat-eating animals scientists think birds are related to.

Similar to birds

The fact the fossil show two eggs inside the creature suggests her reproductive system could produce two eggs at a time, just like modern day crocodiles.

But like birds, it seems she couldn't lay all her eggs at once, so probably repeated the process several times to fill her nest.

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