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Last Updated: Sunday November 20 2005 15:11 GMT

What did you do for Children In Need?

Children In Need's Pudsey Bear
It's Children In Need and lots of celebs like Madonna will be joining Pudsey Bear and getting involved!

The charity raises money that helps improve the lives of kids in the UK.

So, are you doing anything to fundraise?

Is your school having a themed day or are you wearing non-uniform?

Maybe you are being sponsored to stay silent all day or hop home from school?

Or perhaps you've brought one of the Children In Need wristbands or plan to buy Liberty X's special charity single?

E-mail and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

I raised 30 doing a cake sale. I also paid 50p to wear my own clothes.
Zoe, 12, Runcorn

Our school had a pyjama day and a Big Breakfast in the morning to raise money for CIN. It was funny seeing everyone else in their pjs!
Bethany, 10, Shipley

At school today we all got to go to school in our pyjamas! It was hilarious! Even the teachers wore their pyjamas!
Rosie, 9, Kingsclere

We paid one pound to have non-school uniform and we paid 50p to see the male teachers get their legs waxed.
Ellie, 13, Cambridge

My school is doing 2 shows tonight, Grease and The Phantom of the Opera, and I'm in both of them. I'm Sandy in Grease and Meg Giry in Phantom! Hopefully many people will buy the tickets and we can raise loads of money for Children In Need!
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

We raised nearly 900 alone and all the teachers and pupils had karaoke and we had fun day all day!!
Grace, 11, Wales

Our school didn't do anything but some girls in year 8 were walking backwards all day and were doing a sponsored silence so they walked round with whiteboards all day!
Natalie, 11, Colchester

We paid 1 to not have to wear school uniform, it was a fun day and I will be watching children in need tonight and supporting them to raise money.
Catherine, 12, Workington

I did a sponsored silence for 6 hours with a mate and raised over 80.
Chloe, 10, Stanford in the Vale

Me and my mates are running a talent competition and you have to pay 50p to enter.
Suzanne, 10

At our school we did a cake and candy stall. We did other things as well like hair spraying and the best Pudsey look a like! Some people choose to wear their pyjamas! It was great fun!
Kirstin, 11, Edinburgh

My class did a sponsored spelling test standing in plates of baked beans! We raised 37.60. We got all ours right but our teacher Mr Williams got all his wrong and had to pay a fine!
Emma, 8, Great Notley

We didn't have non-uniform day but we were asked to put in a contribution in the Children in Need bucket after assembly so I gave 2.
Stacey, 15, Leigh

We had a Stars In Your Eyes thing where people sang. We paid 50p to go and watch. My mate sang, she was fab!!
Viki, 15, Bristol

Me and my friend Rachel are going to do a sponsored three-legged day!
Bethan, 10, Wokingham

I donated a pound and took a teddy into school.
Amy, 12, Manchester

We paid 1 to come in non-school uniform. Teachers did karaoke boys dressed up as girls, male staff did the Can Can and loads more!
Laura, 14, Derby

We had to wear our clothes back to front!
Bethany, 10, Blackburn

I am going to sit in a bath of baked beans all day!
Stephen, 13, Oxford

I did a sponsored silence with five other people. Overall we raised 980! Also our school did a disco and raised over 2000.
Rhiannon, 12, Surrey

I bought loads of Pudsey things like a key ring, teddy bear ears and bands and my school had non-uniform day so I paid 2!
Emma, 13, Heysham

I am watching it on TV tonight and I hope we raise more this week!
Ivy, 10, Stockport

Our netball team is playing the boys in our year. And we're dressing up and whoever looses has to give money to CIN! Also people watching have to pay. It will be a laugh!
Louise, 15, Woking

We got to dress up how we wanted and pay 1 - I was Sharon Osbourne and my boyfriend was Ozzy!
Georgia, 9, Peterborough

At school this girl was getting sponsored 5p each time she got a hug of someone. Honestly she's made a lot of money!
Michelle, 13, Darlington

At my school we had non-uniform day and everyone in the school did hokey-kokey to raise money.
Amar, 13, London

Unbelievably my school hasn't even MENTIONED that it's Children In Need! However, the guys behind the counter at our local shop have dressed up - as crazy people...punk wigs, blazers, masks. It's like Hallowe'en all over again!
Lara, 11, Northern Ireland

I'm just watching the TV show.
Zoe, 11, Redhill

Today a girl in my school had her hair shaved off and people paid 50p to go and watch her. She got lots of support and everyone was cheering her on. She was really brave and did it all for Children In Need!
Rosa, 12, Essex

Our high school had a basketball game for Children In Need. It was the Staff versus the Senior Students. The tickets were 50p and it was very good. I was supporting the Senior Students but the Staff won. It was a right laugh. We even had half-time entertainment!
Khlieeq, 12, Edinburgh

Me and my friends are wearing our pyjamas to school to raise money!
Kirsty, 14, Chatham

We had a non-uniform day in school and a group of seven of us had a sponsored 24 hour silence. We've raised 200 between us - we rock!
Kate, 13, Carrickfergus

Our school has had a Children In Need Fame Academy last night and today we paid 2.50 to come in with the clothes we wanted and we had a class karaoke. My class won the singing prize!
Tomas, 10, Den haag

We had to pay 2 and dress up in yellow or red - it was fun!
Rehana, 14, Rochdale

Last year we had a whole Children In Need day! There was loads of stuff going on. This year however we're doing nothing as next Friday we're having an anti-bullying day but I don't see why we can't do both!!
Emma, 13, Weymouth

To raise money for charity my street are having a party! We are dying peoples hair and waxing the men's legs and chests.
Rebecca, 10, Edinburgh

We had a non-uniform day. It was really fun plus we had a coffee morning and raised money.
Natasha, 10, Cleator Moor

I've dyed my hair pink!
Becky, 13, Chippenham

We are having a muffy day and I am not speaking because I'm doing a sponsored silence!
Jessica, 13, Taunton

I am sad that children are poorly. I have brought money into school today for non-school uniform day.
Shannon, 10, Nottingham

I don't think I will but if I did I wouldn't know were to put the money.
Katy, 12, Preston

At school today we've paid 1 to not have to wear school uniform and all our teachers have paid to dress up. My English teacher is wearing a kilt!
Jemma, 11, Cumbria

At school today we've paid 1 to not have to wear school uniform and all our teachers have paid to dress up. My English teacher is wearing a kilt!
Jemma, 11, Cumbria

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