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Last Updated: Monday November 21 2005 12:49 GMT

My brother died crossing the road

Leah's brother Tom was killed in a road accident just over two years ago.

She finds it hard to live without him and thinks that people take too many risks on the roads.

"Tom was always really excited. He was always the one that made everybody else laugh.

He was really good at sport and he was always laughing, he had loads of friends and he was always out.

He'd signed up for two football teams and wanted to get fit. When he came home from school he went out jogging, and when he was crossing the road to get back home, he was hit.

Finding out

My mum rang me and said that Tom had been in an accident. I just thought that he'd broken his arm or something.

But five minutes later my mum phoned back and said that Tom been killed. I burst out crying and put the phone down on her.

Going too fast

The person driving the car was speeding, he was going a lot faster than he should have been.

He got a 700 fine and a two year ban from driving. I just don't think it's enough, not when he took someone's life. He'll be fine, but my brother won't.

I think he should have been locked up for life.

Living without Tom

For the first year after he died, it felt like it only happened yesterday.

I think I'm now starting to accept it - that I'm not going to see him for a while.

It's still not easy, it's still hard to live without him. When people at school say 'I did this with my brothers and sisters', I feel lonely really.

People take risks

Before this happened I thought that this would never happen to anyone in my family. I thought that roads weren't as dangerous as people said they were, but now I'm so aware of them.

I'm so aware of the way people are driving and the way people aren't crossing the road properly. People take too many risks. I'm really really nervous of the roads.

Life's too short

I try to spend more time with my mum and dad.

I try not to argue with them as much because I realise that life's too short to argue with people."

Leah, Nottinghamshire

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