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Last Updated: Monday November 21 2005 12:58 GMT

Road safety tips

School crossing sign
They might seem obvious but don't forget to actually put them into practice when you're on or near roads!

  • Find a safe place to cross the road: subways, footbridges, islands, zebra, pelican and traffic light crossings are ideal.

  • If you can't find a proper crossing then make sure you can see clearly along the roads in both directions and that drivers can see you clearly.

  • DON'T cross on sharp bends, before the top of a hill or walk out from a row of parked cars.

  • Take plenty of time to look around for traffic before you step out, and listen carefully in case something's coming that you can't see from where you're standing.

  • When you cross the road make sure you're concentrating! It's easy to get distracted if you're listening to music on your headphones, or chatting and texting on your mobile.

  • Walk straight across the road - don't run! Keep looking and listening while you cross.

Check out the Green Cross Road for more tips on crossing roads safely. You can find it on the Be Safe Be Seen website - the link is on the right hand side of this page.

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