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Last Updated: Monday April 18 2005 07:54 GMT

We need to tidy up our streets

Litter is destroying the planet

Sid thinks that kids throw chip papers and chewing gum on the ground because they're lazy and it's easier than finding a bin.

She wants everyone to be more responsible and help save the planet.

"Look out a window and outside you will probably see litter.

If you look a little further you will probably see a bin where rubbish SHOULD be put.

There are simple reasons for littering; some children think it's uncool to go to a bin, others are just too lazy.

Litter hot spots

You are most likely to find litter in a hedge or park area where people think they can hide it from passers-by.

Sid wants littering to stop
Another place where you'll find litter is along road sides.

This is usually because people in cars throw their rubbish out of the window so they don't have to leave it in the car or put it in the bin when they get home.

Should we care?

We should care because we will only get one planet!

When people litter it can kill animals and spoil the view. It's also a uisance for street cleaners.

How to cut down on litter

  • Always put your litter in bins.
  • If you see litter in your hedge ask your parents for a plastic bag to remove it with, but try not to touch it because you don't know where its been.
  • If litter is really bad in your area contact your local council or enviromental health department for help to clean up our streets!"

    Sid, 12, Kent

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