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Last Updated: Monday November 21 2005 10:53 GMT

Snd us txt vrsns of yr fave bk

Classic books and plays will be reduced to a few lines of a text message via a new phone service

Shakespeare and Dickens will get the text treatment but we want to see how you'd sum up your fave books.

Perhaps you could cut His Dark Materials down to size, or maybe you think you've got a good idea for how Lord of the Rings could fit into a small message.

So get your brains (and thumbs!) in gear and e-mail us with your choice!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Harry Potter:someone bad. Harry, Ron, Hermione try to kill them. end.
Chris, 10, Nottingham

Italian Job: steal gold. chasing rnd in cars. lose gold. end.
Shaffiq, 11, Nottingham

Eragon: Eragon bcms a drgn rider and kills Galbatraix. End.
Billy, 10, Nottingham

Finding Nemo: big fish lil fish . lil fish gets lost. big fish finds im. dey liv happily eva aftr. the end.
FeeFee, 13, USA

Dracula: Guy wit fangs terrorises ppl. garlic + sunlight saves da day + every1 lives happily eva after. cue spooky music. or do they...?
Rose, 14, Cardiff

Romeo and Juliet: fmilys h8 each uva, boy luvs grl, fmilys war, boy dys, grl dys, l8er fmlis b cum m8s.
Natasha, 14, Essex

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: pur boy findz tix meets md man with md lil sngrs evry1 dus somthng rng pur boi wuns HURRAY! the end.
Tobias, 11, Nottingham

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time: Chris fnds neighbrs dg ded, tryz 2 fnd out ho dun it, goes 2 iz mum in london. the end.
Angharad, 14, Wales

Cat in the Hat: Bord. Whos dat? Cat in hat. Fun. Mess. Cln up. CYA. End.
Kazuh, 11, China

Romeo and Juliet: Fite. G8crash. Snog. Marry. Die. Die. Kcked out. Prtnd 2 die. Die. Die. Peace. End.
Emma, 14, Reading

The Bed and Breakfast Star: gal with a nasty step dad gets put in 2 a bed and brekie hotel.Has lots of +ventures 'n' makes nu m8s. Finally livs in a posh hotel. Da end.
Emma, 12, Blyth

Holes: Boy gts blmd 4 somthin he didnt do. Digs holes @ camp. Discovrs c-crets bout camp+stuff. clims mt. with bud. curse nded. boy n bud go hom. camp cancelled. end.
Alexandra, 11, London

Sleeping Beauty: Christening, Curses, Reaches 6 Priks finga sleeps 4 100 yrs,gts kiss off prince live happily eva afta.
Terri, 13, Winsford

Hamlet: OMG it's the dead king. Help. I challenge u 2 a duel. OK. cling, clang, everyone dies. End.
Katie, 13, Canada

Romeo and Juliet: Boy mts grl. fall in lv. tragedy. bth die. the end.
Kirsty, 15, Edinburgh

Alex rider: boy gets hired by MI6. goes on adventures. dies. end.
Angeli, 12, London

Hamlet: OMG it's the dead king. Help. I challenge u 2 a duel. OK. cling, clang, everyone dies. End.
Katie, 13, Canada

The Yellow Pages Phonebook: Lots of annoyin phone #s. End.
Kazuh, 13, Japan

Tracy Beaker - The Dare Game: Tracy runs away, makes friends with 2 boys, plays a dare game, 1 boy gets hurt Tracy is found again, Da End.
Emma, 12, Wigan

Northern Lights: thng clld dust. ppl cttin away dmns. brs, wtches n othr ppl. grl clld lyra, boy clld roger. roger dies. End.
Renu, 14, Halifax

Holes: Boy sent 2 weird camp. Boy digs holes. Boy digs more holes. discovers secrets. climbs mountain wiv frend. discovers more things. curse lifted. boy n frend go home. End.
Immy, 12, Tunbridge Wells

Princess Diaries 2: ur goin 2 be quen. ur gonna mry som1. ths wk. lots of drma. the End.
Beckie, 13, Livingstone

Macbeth: murders king. hallucinates. wife goes mad. he goes mad. weird guy kills him. end.
Abbie, 14, Hastings

Aadvark - Zebra. (The Dictionary)
Julia, 13, Harrow

The Mummy- hes ded no hes alve no ded no...yea hes ded now...wrld up da heros
Rebecca, 13, Aylesbury

Shrek: He saves the princess and they marry.
Zoe, 11, Redhill

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack da skltn gts brd of hlween nd fnds chrsms bt ruins chrsms 4 uva ppl in a difrnt wrld. end
Steven, 11, Cambridge

Harry Potter : HP go 2 skool. HP uncvrs plt bi Vldemrt 2 cum bk. HP stps Vldemrt. End. Peace.
Jonathan, 15, Tewkesbury

The Princess Diaries 1: Ur a princess. No i'm not! OMG boy drama...wah, wah, wah. Grl powr. Mayb da princess thang aint that bad. Peace.
Caity, 14, Australia

Lord of the Rings: I wnt my rng bak. U cnt hav it. Big fight. Rng in2 vlcno. End.
Neil, 13, Crawley

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