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Last Updated: Thursday November 17 2005 11:09 GMT

Quiz: Road Safety

Pedestrian crossing

Question 1

What's the average stopping distance of a car going at 30 mph?

A: 6 car lengths
B: 3 car lengths
C: 9 car lengths

Question 2

What MUST you do before crossing a road?

A: Listen, look and cross
B: Stop, look and listen
C: Cross anywhere you like

Question 3

What time of day do most children suffer accidents while walking on the roads?

A: 9-12 midday
B: 12 midday-3pm
C: 3pm-6pm

Question 4

Where do most child pedestrian accidents happen

A: Near school
B: Near the park
C: Near home

Question 5

When's the worst time of day for road accidents involving children?

A: As they're going to and coming from school
B: As they're gong to get lunch
C: Late at night

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