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Teachers: PSHE: Bullying

Last Updated: Thursday November 17 2005 16:01 GMT

Worksheet: Statements about bullying

PHIL, 14: I was always bullied about my glasses. By the time I was 13, I was desperate. Then Mum helped me think up some replies. It felt stupid saying them out loud at home and I didn't think it'd work. The first time I tried one of them out, Paul, the bully, was so surprised, he backed off. Everyone else laughed.

LEILA, 14: I was really scared before I rang the girl I know in the gang. We talked a bit and then we met some of the others. I thought they all hated me but they said they felt bad about all the things they'd done. Things got better after that for a bit.

ROBERT, 15: I was bullied by a boy called Pete. He had a gang of about four or five and they used to corner me in the changing rooms. I was scared for months. Then I met Pete on his own outside school. He made some sarcastic comment. I went berserk and yelled at him. Seeing him on his own gave me the courage I needed to say all the things I'd wanted to say for ages. He tried to ambush me with his gang in school after that but I wasn't having it. I'd seen through him.

TRACY, 13: I was being bullied and I told a girl in the Sixth Form. She said it happened to her too. She and some other Sixth Formers talked to the bullies. I was scared what they would do but they'd obviously been told they were well out of order and the bullying dies out.

MARK, 17: My life was literally hell for three years. I don't know why I waited so long before telling my Dad about the bullying. He really made the school sit up and take action.

DAN, 14: We have assemblies about bullying every term and we do lots of stuff about it in class. Not much bullying goes on here now. Everyone knows it's a waste of time.

STEPHEN, 22: I was bullied the whole time I was at school. Now, I feel determined to do well just to show all the other kids what I'm like. I know that two of the blokes who bullied me have been in prison twice. They've already messed up their lives. That's not going to happen to me.

JAKE, 18: There was one bloke who really annoyed me. He had a funny high-pitched voice and he jumped even if you just said 'Hello.' We hid his stuff, pushed him out of queues, and everyone knew better than to talk to him. We just did it for a laugh. I suppose he must have hated us. I wouldn't blame him. We were awful.

DARREN, 17: I suppose I just messed around most of the time at school. I had a couple of mates and we used to make the younger kids pay us every week or we'd give them a right knocking. We must have been pretty frightening. None of that's much good to me now.

ROB, 15: I didn't know how bad victims felt until my brother was bullied. He's three years younger than me and he has to wear a hearing aid. The bullying he went through made him into a wreck until we got it stopped. I realised I'd made kids feel like that. I wouldn't bully anyone now.

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