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Last Updated: Tuesday November 15 2005 15:51 GMT

NR chats to GOF's Stanislav Ianevski

Stanislav Ianevski
Stanislav Ianevski plays Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Newsround chatted with him to find out how he got the part...

Can you tell us a bit about how you got the part?

It's a bit of a fairytale. What happened is, there was a casting going on in (my) school which is my ex-school now. There was a casting going on for Harry Potter - three parts apparently. And it was only supposed to be for drama students so that completely excluded me.

So I was late for the afternoon registration because I'm a bad boy that day, and I was running to sign in the office, and a casting director happened to be there when I was speaking to one of my friends.

So she heard me and I don't know why, she just turned around and obviously developed some interest.

Then, she asked me to come to audition later on in the school. So I went to that and I was kept the longest out of everyone and I wasn't a drama student!

So everyone was like "Wow, why is he there?". Then, I had to go to two workshops which I didn't go to because I couldn't so I thought, "That's it, (Stan's) lost his chance, he can't go anywhere".

And, I got a phone call after that and they weren't very happy with me. But I went to meet (casting assistant) Fiona (Weir) again, and then she forwarded me to Mike Newell. I did an audition with him and as they say on the internet, I turned out to be his favourite.

That is such a mad story - so you weren't even thinking of really going for it - it just happened?

Well, I couldn't go for it. I wasn't a drama student.

Can you describe how you felt when you found out you got the part?

Well, I sort of knew that I was gonna get it somehow. I don't know how. I told my mother I was gonna be in Harry Potter and she said "Yeah, right! Whatever!". But I got it two months before we started filming, so I knew well in advance.

And as I thought I was gonna get it somehow; I was so sure in myself. The house mistress came one day and got me out of my lesson. I was in a business lesson and she got me out and said: "Guess what, you got the part!". I was like: "Good!"

So you just carried on with your business lesson?

Well, after I came back, everyone was like: "What's happened, what's happened?". And I was like: "I got the part in Harry Potter". And there was no more business lesson!

Were you a Harry Potter fan before this happened?

Well, I had never read the books before, but I had seen all the films and I read number four straight after I got the part so I knew what was going on. So yeah, I was a fan.

What were your first impressions of your character?

I definitely liked him. Top man, sports person, liked by everyone, big competitor.

And he goes out with a school swot, Hermione Granger - how did he manage that one?

Well, he's not supposed to be very good looking in the book, and he's sort of skinny as well - that's a bit different with me! But, I think the casting was done really well, and it's come a lot better. For Hermione as well. (He laughs)

How did you get on with Emma?

I met her before we had even started doing anything together. A really friendly girl - and we became friends after that.

We had two weeks worth of games, the whole cast together, so we got to know each other and I was constantly playing around with them and we became really great friends. By the end, it was just a joy.

There was the big Yule Ball scene where you and Hermione had to dance together. Did you have dance lessons?

Yes - we had a choreographer who was teaching us how to dance for about two weeks. And I felt quite nervous with Emma because she is just so light. I could literally move her around anywhere I want, so I didn't want to step on her!

Did you get on quite well with everyone?

Yes - absolutely everyone. Right from the very beginning.

Even Rupert, who plays Ron? Because Rupert doesn't like your character at all, does he?

No, he does like me at the beginning, and he even has a little mini Krum flying around his hand. But he does like me, but then I get on with Hermione, which I don't know why, puts him off somehow. Well, I probably can guess why!

Are you prepared for Pottermania?

I don't think you can really be prepared for such a thing. I think I just have to go out there and face it.

Do you think you might become a heart-throb?

I don't know about a heart-throb, but I hope to get more parts and become a big actor. Maybe one day, I'll become the next Keanu Reeves or something!

Have you seen any of the film so far? Have you seen yourself on the big screen?

Well, I've only seen little bits which are sort of rushes. I quite like it. I've seen the two trailers. I definitely like the second one more. It's quite powerful.

What was the best part of the action sequences?

I enjoyed the maze a lot. There was so much movement. It was the first thing we filmed as well. We had to face real fear. You just go into the maze, and you are there and you get lost. It's really good.

And right at the end, I really enjoyed underwater. I had to do a professional dive, when Viktor Krum dives off the ship.

So I had a lot of training with that. And the tank we were filming in was black at the time. It was really dark and proper scary. But I like challenges, so I went for it.

Could you see what you were doing in there?

When we were rehearsing the water was nice and bright lights were on, so I could see where I am. But then when we were actually shooting, it was pitch black and I didn't know where I was going, so I was just popping out of the water quickly.

How was it working with the special effects?

I've got quite a good imagination I guess, and I sort of pictured different creatures and scenarios in my head, so I just said: "Everything is there, and just go for it".

Did you have much fun on the set? You get Hermione's name wrong which gets a few laughs. Was that fun to film?

Yeah, definitely. Not only to film - I remember in the Great Hall, when we were eating ice cream and cakes and everything, and suddenly the cast just went mad, splashing juice all over each other and the costumes went all dirty - and it was just crazy!

So what's next because Viktor Krum doesn't really appear in the other books?

You never know with these things. They might bring me in, and they might not.

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