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Last Updated: Tuesday April 12 2005 09:25 GMT

Fur flies over 'cat shooting' row

A cat
Fur is flying over plans to make it legal to shoot stray cats in one state in America.

People who have put forward the plans claim that stray cats can kill up to 1,000 animals each year, so they threaten birds and small mammals.

There are around two million wild cats in the state of Wisconsin, and some people are campaigning to legalise shooting them to cut numbers.

But animal experts have called the proposal "inhumane" and unnecessary.

The animal campaigners say one of the biggest problems is that people may not know if they are shooting a wild cat or somebody's pet.

It's also been suggested that if the wild cats have to be culled, it could be done in more humane way like neutering them.

Cats are the favourite pet in America - there's around 70 million of the fluffy friends in households there.

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