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Last Updated: Saturday April 09 2005 19:02 GMT

With the crowds at the royal wedding

Camilla Parker Bowles

By Philip Westerman
CBBC Newsround, Windsor

On a bright crisp April day crowds gathered in Windsor to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding.

A steady stream of people wound its way to the centre of the narrow streets, and the small town soon filled up, making it pretty hard to fight my way through!

I also had to contend with lots of TV crews, photographers, and loads of people selling flags, hats and tea towels.

Crowds filled the streets
Crowds filled the streets

The castle fills Windsor's skyline, and the hundreds of well wishers all looked towards it as we waited for the royal party to appear.

Most people couldn't really see much, but I managed to get a view perched on top of a borrowed step ladder.

Families had travelled from all over the country to see Charles and Camilla, and a cheer went up as the royals appeared on their way to the wedding.

Strangely enough, most of them were in a big bus rather than the posh cars you'd expect.

There wasn't much to be seen, but that didn't put the happy crowd off, as they loudly showed their support.

We got a few more glimpses of the couple as they drove past - this time as husband and wife, and again when they emerged from the blessing.

Although most people were nowhere near the pair, it seemed everyone had a great time and only had one thing to say - Congratulations to Charles and Camilla!

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