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Last Updated: Monday April 11 2005 17:08 GMT

The Royal Wedding: your thoughts

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
On Saturday Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles got married.

Are you excited by this big event?

Do you have any messages for the happy couple?

E-mail us with your thoughts on the royal wedding.

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Your comments

Good for Charles and Camilla. I hope that they are happy together.
Peter, 10, London

I think it's great that they have finally tied the knot!! Of course nobody will forget Diana, but doesn't Prince Charles have a chance for happiness?
Georgia, 12, London

I wish Charles and Camilla all the best. I'm so glad they are together now, even after 34 years. They both looked so happy together, so it's obvious they are made for each other.
Sarah, 13, Pershore

I think it's great that Prince Charles and Camilla have just got married. Why not? They both seem very happy and good luck to the both of them.
Kimberley, 14, Lanark

The Royal wedding must have been lucky as it was on my birthday! I wish them all the best in the future and I think that they deserve a lot of support.
Caitlyn, 14, Glasgow

I am so happy that our "future king" will have someone by his side for the rest of his life. Congratulations Camilla and Charles !!
Suchita, 12, Bracknell

I say congratulations to them both, they deserve to be together finally and as long as they're happy we should have nothing to do with it and let them get on with their lives.
Hannah, 13, Suffolk

At first I wasn't sure that it was a good idea but now after seeing so much love between them I am pleased for them!
Amy, 14, Barrow

I think that everyone should have the opportunity for happiness. Congratulations to them!
Lauren, 14, Kent

I'm really happy that Charles and Camilla have found each other and married to show their love for each other after all the stick they got from the press. Camilla will no doubt be great for our country, but she will not replace Princess Diana.
Faye, 13, Sheffield

I hope they have a lovely honeymoon and I wish them good luck!
Lauren, 9, Glenrothes

I am glad that Prince Charles finally asked Camilla to marry him. I am happy for them and do not know why lots of people are against it although I do not think that she should be Princess of Wales or Duchess of Cornwall.
Rachel, 12, Cornwall

I'm happy for Camilla and Charles and wish them good luck!
Sarah, 15, Austria

After all the hugely unfair obstacles they have come through, e.g, fake bombs, funerals, and angry press, I am glad that finally they are happily together, after a great wedding!
Lydia, 11, Manchester

I'm pleased that they're both happy, but Prince Charles shouldn't forget about his first wife.
Cara, 10, London

I'm so happy that Prince Charles has found someone to keep him happy for the rest of his life.
Rosie, 14, Birmingham

I don't wish them any ill, but I think that the way they acted while Charles and Diana were married was appalling.
Bex, 13, Verwood

I think it's great that Prince Charles has found happiness again and I wish them both well in the future.
Ian, 11, Cumbernauld

I think they are too old be getting married - Prince Charles 57 and Camilla in her late 50's
Callum, 10, Hove

Why couldn't they get married 30 years ago? The things that they did to Diana were horrible, I hope they are truly sorry! And I hope they treat each other with respect.
Rach, 14, Twickenham

They deserve all the happiness in the world.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I am really pleased for Charles and Camilla, as they have loved each other for a very long time!
Robyn, 12, Kidderminster

I wish them a happy life together and I am so happy for them!
Charlotte, 11, Four Elms

I hope you have a happy life. Congrats - just don't be Queen Camilla.
Rachel, 11, Tadworth

I am happy for them but I wish everyone would stop going on about it. Nobody can replace Princess Diana!
Lauren, 12, Ipswich

I think they have done well getting married because it is time they both just moved on. I think Camilla would make a nice wife.
Alice, 11, Leeds

Now they're together now they can be happy.
Abbey, 12, Guildford

Nice-one Charles and Camilla. I hope you live happily ever after.
Chloe, 11, Cannock

I hope Prince Charles and Camilla are happy.
Abigail, 13, Sheffield

I am really happy for Charles and Camilla they will make our country proud.
Sam, 10, St Albans

I think that the press have been to harsh on them. Congrats Charles and Camilla.
Rhiannon, 12, Reading

I feel very happy.
Amy, 9, Lowestoft.

I am really pleased for them and I think they make a great couple
Kirsty, 14, Hendy

I think it's really good that Prince Charles and Camilla have finally got married but the press were really harsh on them saying it would be a royal disaster.
Jenny, 12 Castle Cary

I'm happy the two are finally together. My mum have been listening to documentaries and apparently Charles and Camilla have known each other for a very long time.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I am so happy for them both and wish them the best! It is wonderful they got married, just as along as they are happy.
Elijah, 15, Liverpool

I think they look happy, and I hope they are happy together, everyone saying they shouldn't be married needs to think about what they would do if the fell in love with a divorcee, it doesn't matter if you're the royal family or not!
Hannah, 13, Blyth

We're just getting the ceremony now, at 11:30pm. I'm happy for Charles and Camilla and hope that they are finally happy. I'm also really impressed that they didn't back down with all the criticism they were getting. Congratulations!
Cate, 15, Australia

I'm pleased for them but I was shocked when they came out the church that they only waved once or twice then went into the car, some people had been waiting all night to see them, I think they should have at least stood there for a few more minutes.
Caroline, 13, Tadley

I am happy that Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles are getting married and hope they will carry on their love for one another forever.
Emily, 11, Laurencekirk

This has been a great day for them and the guests. It feels like putting two jig-saw pieces together.
Edward, 13, Lincoln

I think it's really nice that they've got married, but I think the press have been really harsh on them.
Patrick, 10, London

I am glad that Prince Charles and Camilla are married. I hope that they will be happy together.
Katie, 15, Aylesbury

It's brilliant that they are finally married, and Camilla is a very nice person. But I think we will all still remember Diana.
Amrit, 13, London

I just wish them good luck, and hope that they will live happily.
Nosheen, 12, London

I am very pleased for them and I hope they will have lots of happiness in the future
Lucy, 12, Kent

I think it's really sweet and they look very happy. I'm really pleased for them.
Jenny, 14, Swansea

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