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Last Updated: Monday April 11 2005 09:54 GMT

I think models set a bad example

A model
Leanne believes that many models are too thin and set a bad example.

In her report Leanne tells us why.

"Many girls feel pressurised to lose weight and look like supermodels.

Some girls even make themselves ill.

I think models should be normal people with realistic-looking bodies so girls will have someone normal to look up to.

'Perfect image'

Models and the 'perfect image' are sometimes the cause of some bullying as girls can often be teased about their weight and size.

Lots of young girls worry about their weight and are on diets. I think this is ridiculous.

They should be out having fun with their mates and eating what they want, not worrying what they look like because of someone in a magazine.

Different shapes

All girls should be the weight they want to be and look how they look with out being pressurised to look skinny because of models.

Every girl has a different shape and we are all beautiful in our own way!"

Leanne, 14, Liverpool

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