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Last Updated: Monday November 14 2005 12:39 GMT

Quiz: Knives


Question 1

It is illegal for a shop to sell a knife to anyone under 16 in the UK. True or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 2

A survey by the Be Safe Project shows that up to one in three children regularly carry a knife. True or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 3

What kind of knife can you carry in a public place?

A: Swiss army knife
B: Large kitchen knife
C: Flick knife

Question 4

What is the name of the government Bill which covers children and knives?

A: The Deadly Weapons Act
B: The Offensive Weapons Act
C: The Blade Act

Question 5

Carrying a knife to defend yourself is an acceptable excuse in the law. True or false?

A: True
B: False

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