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Last Updated: Friday April 08 2005 14:38 GMT

US builders reveal mammoth fossil

Builders in the US got a huge surprise when working on a new project, finding the preserved remains of a mammoth.

The fossil is thought to be of a woolly mammoth that lived as long as half-a-million years ago, and includes both of the animal's tusks.

As much as 70% of the giant Ice Age creature has been preserved, making it a very significant find.

Dinosaur expert Mark Roeder said he hasn't worked out exactly what type of mammoth the 3.7m tall animal was yet.

Mayor Clint Harper said he'd been told: "It's a very complete fossil. It's unusual because it was found all the way down near the bedrock."

He added that scientists have told him the fossil is too old to use a process called carbon dating which could have explained exactly how old it is.

"The Moorpark mammoth, that's what we'll call it," he also said, after the place in California where it was found.

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