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Last Updated: Monday November 14 2005 08:42 GMT

I used to carry a knife

Chris was about 12 when he started carrying a knife.

He tells us why he did it, and why he decided to stop carrying one.

"I started carrying it when I got bullied at school.

I thought it would help. I used to have my money taken off me and I used to get beaten up every day.

I felt safer, I thought it would look after me. I don't think I would have used it, but I don't think I wouldn't have used it either.


You just feel like no-one likes you and they're all against you, so you just feel like you are at the bottom and everyone else is at the top.

The knife helped reverse that for a little while, sometimes you feel all big and hard but you do go back down and you feel that no-one likes you still.

Carrying a knife - I do regret it, that's why I've turned my life around.

Talk about it

I just thought to myself, I don't need to carry a knife, I am safe without a knife.

If you need help just ask someone, talk about it, it's the best thing to do. It's what I did and it helped me."


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