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Last Updated: Monday December 05 2005 13:33 GMT

We gossip with new pop star N1kki

N1kki is new to the pop business, but he could become a well-known name.

The 16-year-old Londoner's already had several brushes with fame and he's releasing his debut single - Baby It's Love - on 5 December.

N1kki's also been on a schools tour - so you might have seen him perform.

Here's what he had to say.

Tell us about your single

I wrote the song in October 2004, when I was on holiday in Portugal.

For a birthday present, I recorded in a studio and made a demo. Then I made a video and a proper track with drums and everything.

I've written lots and lots of songs. It was the second song that I wrote on that holiday. I was thinking of a story of how someone chats up a girl.

I've been writing songs since I was about 14. In English, we were writing poems and for media, we had to write songs to make up a radio show. I just brought the two together.

What's your connection with the Potter films?

I was in Prisoner Of Azkaban. At the beginning, there's a choir and I'm right in the middle holding a frog. We got to see the whole set - they had transformed a warehouse into an amazing magical place.

You went to theatre school, what was that like?

Quite amazing. It's quite small. Lots of famous people have been there before you. It's good fun and you're not under pressure to show off. You have to be disciplined.

You have normal lessons from Monday to Wednesday and then do the performance stuff on Thursday and Friday. If you're bad in your normal lessons, you don't get to do them. I was good!

It prepares you for being well-known. You have got to learn to keep your feet on the ground.

What do you do when you're not making music?

I like football. I support Crystal Palace and I enjoy kicking a football around with my mates. I also like BMX riding.

I did my GCSEs this year. I got one A, seven Bs, and one C. When I went on study leave, I was doing my music videos at the same time, so I had to balance everything. Now I'm studying at the MD2000 musical theatre college in London.

What performers do you admire?

I admire big performers who have been around for a long time and who have achieved a lot, like Michael Jackson. I recently met Donny Osmond and he was amazing because he's been in the business since he was a kid.

What would you be if you weren't a singer?

I would have been a diver. My dad was an Olympic diver and I used to do a lot of it.

How did you come up with the unusual spelling of N1kki?

It came from a company I worked with which had a 1 in its title. It sticks in your mind. I've done a school tour recently and the kids always remember the 1 in N1kki.

What are your hopes for your single?

I hope it does well. I want people to hear the song and watch the video and it will lead up to my next single, which is out in February, and then my album in March.

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