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Last Updated: Wednesday November 23 2005 18:19 GMT

Do you feel safe crossing the road?

a red traffic light
Nearly seven out of ten of you don't like walking or cycling because you're afraid of traffic according to a new survey.

Many children also said the road between their home and school was dangerous.

So we want to know YOUR thoughts.

Are you are frightened about walking near busy roads?

Do you not ride your bike in case you get knocked off or have an accident?

Or does the area you live in have speed bumps to stop cars travel too fast?

Do you always cross the road at traffic lights or a zebra crossing?

Do you think there should be stricter speed limits to slow motorists down near schools?

E-mail and tell us your thoughts and experiences.

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Your Comments

Now I'm in year nine I can go out into my village next to my school. We have a road which you can't even see the traffic lights, sometimes we have to direct the traffic ourselves and I feel scared by the traffic.
Lizzy, 13, South Shields

I don't feel scared when I cross roads and I try and use crossings when I can as this makes me feel safer.
Alex, 13, Market Drayton

When I cycle into town I am always scared at the roundabouts because I think that someone will hit me.
Alex, 15, Monnmouth

It takes two people to get a kid knocked down and killed - not just the driver. I feel that it isn't all the drivers fault as some people say it is. Children need to have more sense and be much more careful when crossing the road. It very simple but kids just don't take it seriously enough.
Cecily, 12, Bristol

When I'm walking home, some cars don't stop at zebra crossings and some children run across the main road on the main road and when cars are coming!
Bethan, 13, Chippenham

My mum and sister died last year by a car jumping a red light. I don't want to cross roads anymore.
Michael, 12, London

I was out on the road riding my horse when a car came rushing round the corner. The car hit my horse, I fell off but wasn't hurt however my horse died.
Katie, 12, Sandbach

No, I don't feel safe on the roads because all my friends mess about and push me and others in the road.
Jane, 14, Spalding

I feel that I have bad luck because I have been run over three times!!!!!
Toby, 15, Southend-on-Sea

I feel safe walking to and from school. Though it is quite hard for drivers to see kids in the morning when they're walking to school. That's the only thing that scares me.
Glenda, 12, USA

It took ages for me to cross on the zebra crossing earlier. Cars wouldn't stop. It doesn't bother me about crossing the road but when I cycle I go on the pavement, it's the safest way unless I am in a side street.
Angharad, 14, Wales

I feel quite safe crossing the road as I look what I am doing and make sure I cross at a sensible part of the road like not on corners and I try my hardest to cross with the lollypop lady.
Jenny, 15, Manchester

One of my friends got hit by a car last year, now I am definitely more careful when I go on the road because I don't want the same thing to happen to me. Also there are no safe crossing places on the way to school so it is a bit scary.
Becca, 12, Harpenden

If you're afraid of crossing the road don't be - just look both ways!
Chelsea, 9, Louth

Sometimes we are scared but we wear flashing lights on our school bags and florescent clothing.
Becka and Sam, 15, Manchester

Top tip: look both ways before crossing the road.
Lyndsey, 15, Newcastle

On my way to school they have provided two lollypop ladies so we can cross the two main, busy roads safely. I feel quite safe but it's just sometimes the lollypop ladies don't turn up. If they're not going to turn up then they should tell the school - it's our safety their risking.
Jenni, 13, Newcastle

I really don't feel safe crossing the road anymore because sometimes you see loads of drivers going through red lights and you don't know whether you are going to step out in front of that person who goes through the red light.
Victoria, 11, Barnstaple

Two of my friends have been hit by cars recently, one accident was very serious and he punctured his lung, broke his ribs, legs, had head injuries and the other was hit my a car and luckily got away with a massive bruise. Roads need to be made safer!
Sorcha, 11, London

I have to walk to school and back for 60 mins every day and crossing the road doesn't scare me at all!
Ben, 13, Woking

I walk to school everyday and to make it worse there is going to be a bus turning area at the end of my street. Some of the buses don't see you so what will happen if you get run over by one of them?!
Jill, 11, Scotland

I think that more should be done to support those families who have lost a loved one. Also, the cars which the bonnets lift up should be on all cars so it will save more lives.
Annabel, 14, Hemel Hempstead

There needs to be more of those road accidents adverts because singing hedgehogs are not going to work. People are too worried about showing young children the adverts, but it's the only way for them to open there eyes.
William, 13, Grasby

I was hit by a car. It was because the crossing we use is so far away most people cut across the road before it.
Martha, 11, Sevenoaks

I feel unsafe as I walk down the road as I see cars speeding past me and I also think that there aren't enough places to cross on long road like the ones where I live.
Anon, 13, Chadwell Heath

I have to cross the road to get to school and even though there are lights people don't slow down for them.
Hannah, 11, Stafford

I was walking home and the lights were on red and this 4X4 was speeding down as l was walking across. My mate had to stop me because this car was not going to stop. He drove straight past the lights and gave me such a look!
Craig, 15, Birmingham

I was walking to my Aunt's house when I got really scared about crossing the road.
Hamza, 10, Manchester

I feel quite safe crossing roads, as most of the roads which I cross have zebra crossings. But the one outside my school isn't too good as not many of the cars stop for you.
Charlotte, 12, Lancashire

It's not speed that kills, it's dangerous driving, such as talking on the phone.
David, 13, Cardiff

On Monday I nearly got hit by a car. I did look but I didn't look twice. I was a one of the lucky ones. I live on the main road and there is only one crossing which is ages away! I was so shocked I was crying for hours!
Katie, 12, Weymouth

It is not always the driver's fault. I have seen teenagers deliberately jumping into the road and out again when they see a car coming.
Tim, 10, Braintree

I feel safe crossing the roads all the time-although it did take me a while to get confident about it.
Tom, 12, Birmingham

Not really, no. I wouldn't want to cycle though, it's very dangerous, because there's lots of traffic. I mostly go in the car, or sometimes walk, so it's O.K really.
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I don't feel safe crossing the road. I live on a main road and there is lots of traffic and sometimes there are cars going fast. I want drivers to be more careful.
Hannah, 9, Leigh

I was nearly hit by a car on my school road, and it left me in shock for ages. All the kids on the buses were staring at me a mouthing "are you alright?" because I'd managed to leap OVER the car!? Even now, I can't cross that road without holding someone's hand!
Jo, 12, Darlington

I do feel safe on the roads because I am always very careful.
John, 13, Accrington

My friend fell off her bike on the way home from school, she nearly got ran over, it's put me off cycling to school for life.
Katie, 13, Birmingham

The road near my school is really busy but it still doesn't put me off walking to and from school.
Rach, 12, Barnsley

I feel completely safe crossing as long as you look carefully you should not get hit.
Lizzie, 12, York

I have no fear crossing the road but once I saw a car parking at the "school keep clear" zig zag.
Hannah, 12, Paulsgrove

I often find myself crossing in the same place when I'm walking my dog as it's the only place really near me where there's a crossing. I think there should be more crossings on roads as it would reduce the number of accidents pedestrians are involved in. It certainly makes me feel much safer!
Emma, 12, Cheshire

I feel safe with crossing the road as I have crossed it so many times I'm not scared. The cars always stop to let us past.
Tiffany, 14, Poole

My school is on two sides of the M25 joined by a bridge but on my side when crossing to the other side of the road there is no zebra crossing - just posts to show you can cross. Once me and my friends have had to wait for ten minutes before we could cross and the cars go at a really fast speed.
Rebekah, 12, Nottingham

It depends but if it's ever a busy road then I look for a zebra crossing or traffic lights.
Meg, 14, Northwood

I feel safe if I am with a friend because then if an incident happens I have support.
Anna, 12, Truro

I was going to go to school on my bike two years ago but the main road leading to my school is so busy that I wont go! The drivers are either at a stand-still or moving REALLY fast. There is always loads of traffic coz I have 1800 people at my school. But there isn't much we can do about it, is there!
Becky, 14, Lytham St Anne's

I think that it is are own responsibility to cross the road safely, there isn't always going to be some one there to help us cross!
Jennifer, 15, Belfast

I feel sorry for all those people who lose family because of traffic. I lost my 12 year old cousin because he was hit by a car this year, and it isn't easy to feel safe crossing roads when you now just how dangerous they are.
Ellie, 12, Otley

I think all cars should have someone walking in front of them waving a red flag! Most children cross the road without thinking twice - which is why many get knocked down.
Phil, 12, Bristol

I feel that a lower speed limit around school is good but do drivers listen to it!! And what about further afield from school??
Louise, 14, Somerset

My school has a lollipop man who helps us cross the road.
Rachel, 9, Belfast

Where I live there are many speed bumps and traffic lights, however many drivers go really fast which is enough to hurt or kill people of all ages. When I'm out with my three year old brother I have to be extra careful with him before crossing the road because many motorists just tend to come out of nowhere!
Sammy, 15, Blackburn

I have to wait for ages to even a car to stop and sometimes they don't even stop at zebra crossings.
Trim, 12, London

Yes, I've always been very cautious and nervous crossing roads ever since I was hit by a speeding car when I was 13.
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

I have to wait for ages to even a car to stop and sometimes they don't even stop at zebra crossings.
Trim, 12, London

Where I go to school there are no traffic lights or zebra crossings and the traffic is really busy and fast so it's really hard to cross the road. There is one set of traffic lights but you have to cross a busy, dangerous road to reach them. There should be more places that we can cross safely. There is a lollipop man but he only stays for about 10 mins which isn't very useful because some people have after school activities or are late coming out and it then takes forever to cross the road.
Jade, 12, Lisburn

I hate having to cross this one major road in my town on the way back from school. I nearly got run over on it once and now everyday I am scared to walk home, but it is the only way back.
Zoe, 11, Trowbridge

Sometimes yes, sometimes no as when I go to the bus stop from school there is this really busy one-way system and cars coming from every direction which makes me feel unsafe. Where as on my way home, there is an island in the road, so that's O.K.
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I am scared because I don't know if the cars will stop and you have to watch the traffic lights and the cars which is stupid because the cars should stop when it's red or indicate when they're turning.
Rosie, 15, Plymouth

A boy I know got run over outside my school. It has no speed bumps or anything. Cars just come down at 60mph. I'm always really careful now.
Rachael, 13, Birmingham

People on the roads at 5pm when they are coming back from work are such nutters!!! I nearly got run over two days ago!!
Harriet, 12, London

I don't like roads I was knocked over on my way to school last year and since then I have been scared.
Jack, 12, Essex

Where I live there are a lot of zebra crossings, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights so I don't have a problem.
Callie, 12, Walton

I don't feel safe crossing the road, because some drivers go really fast, and you can never be to careful!
Clare, 12, Northern Ireland

Come on, I think that everyone these days is to safety-minded and politically correct.
Alex, 12, Fleet

Outside my school it is usually a 30mph speed limit. We have got something which has got the number 20 on it and it has four sorts of lights on it and at different times of the day when children start coming to school, go home from school and when it is lunch time the lights flash and that means you have to go 20 mph and it actually works! But our janitor helps us cross anyway.
Lauren, 9, Scotland

I'm not afraid of crossing the road, but I try to be constantly aware of the dangers and not take stupid risks.
Juliet, 13, Twickenham

The streets round my area are fairly safe. They are quite well lit. The only thing I don't like is that there is not many people around at night.
Bethany, 11, Sheffield

The drivers here in Moscow don't care about pedestrians! It's much much worse here than in the UK. I actually feel safe in the UK when I go back to visit.
Claudia, 14, Russia

We have a pelican crossing on the main road but cars still speed along it.
Emma, 10, Otterbourne

No, people drive so fast and aren't aware that we want to cross.
Lillie, 12, Worcester

I hate crossing roads. I always have to run across when the road is clear because I fear that a car could come speeding along and knock me over.
Emma, 14, Oakworth

I only cross at the traffic lights and sometimes when there's no lollipop lady it takes soooooooo much time to cross the road and some cars don't even have their indicators on when they're turning!!!
Attiya, 15, Leicester

No, I'm fine with crossing roads. I walk to and from school every day and have to cross many busy roads on the way.
Ellie, 12, Colne

There's no crossing lady at the T-junction outside our school so you have to wait ages for a chance to cross the road.
Janie, 13, Shildon

I've never really had trouble crossing roads, I just try and be careful and think before I walk across any road.
Freya, 13, Wales

I only feel safe crossing at the traffic lights.
Charley, 11, Christchurch

I have a fear of cars and a lot of my friends do too. I try not to imagine the fact that there is a possibility that you could get killed by one. I think that cars are an issue and that schools should teach the safety issues more and you should assume that the driver may not be driving safely.
Hannah, 11, Henley-on-Thames

I have to walk to my youth group and when it's dark it is really scary as there are no lights or crossings and the cars travel really fast past us.
Amy, 12, Halifax

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