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Last Updated: Thursday April 07 2005 07:38 GMT

I got a letter from the Chancellor Gordon Brown


Eleven-year-old James got a huge shock when he received a handwritten letter from the Chancellor, Gordon Brown.

In his report, James tells us why the politician wrote to him and what he told James about only having the use of one eye.

"Four years ago I had an accident at a supermarket. A bottle fell on the floor and glass flew up and hit my eye.

I had seven operations but my eye couldn't be saved. Now I have an artificial eye.

Recently I was bullied quite badly.

I was riding my bike when two boys started taunting me.

Cigarette burns

My friend who was with me managed to get away but the boys caught up with me.

They told me they were going to steal my false eye and smash it on the ground. They even burned me with cigarettes.

I managed to get away, I told my parents and they phoned the police.

Rugby accident

Chancellor Gordon Brown
Chancellor Gordon Brown
My mum could see that I was going through a hard time and she wrote to Gordon Brown telling him what had happened to me.

He also has an artificial eye because of an accident whilst playing rugby.

But my mum didn't tell me that she had written to him.

No difference

I was so shocked when I got a handwritten letter from the Chancellor.

He told me that having an artificial eye never stopped him from doing anything and has made absolutely no difference to him.

It made me feel very happy, I've never had a letter from someone that important before.

And it's made me think that I can achieve anything I want to in life.

House of Commons

My friends didn't believe I had received the letter - I actually had to show it to them before they believed me.

The Chancellor also invited me and family to Downing Street and the House of Commons.

I'm really excited about seeing the House of Commons, I've only ever seen it on TV before.

I'm really pleased my mum wrote to Gordon Brown and I'm glad he took the time to write to me.

Having an artificial eye doesn't mean I can't go on and achieve anything I want achieve."

James, 11, Halifax

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