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Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2005 16:48 GMT

Quiz: Penguins


Question 1

What is the name for a group of penguins?

A: A gaggle
B: A colony
C: A packet

Question 2

Why can't penguins fly?

A: Their bodies are too heavy for their wings
B: They're scared of heights
C: They can, they're just lazy

Question 3

What's a common way for penguins to greet each other?

A: They wave at each other
B: They tap their beaks together
C: They e-mail

Question 4

How long do penguins live?

A: 5-10 years
B: 15-20 years
C: 20-25 years

Question 5

Where do penguins live?

A: The southern hemisphere
B: The northern hemisphere
C: The equator

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