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Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2005 08:07 GMT

Doctor Who keeps getting better!

One of the aliens in episode two, Moxx of Balhoon
The first episode of Doctor Who was a big hit - with more than 10 million people watching it.

But was the second episode as good as the first? Press Packer Ryan gives us his thoughts on the Doctor's latest adventure.

The second episode sees the Doctor offering Rose the chance to choose where they would travel to in the Tardis.

Joking that 100 years is boring they end up in the year Five Billion!

And how things have changed!

Strange guests

Rose and the Doctor are (uninvited) guests at a private party...the end of the world has begun!

The sun is expanding and the richest of all existing life forms are gathering.

The characters that stood out the most for me were the last human Cassandra, and Jabe - a tree from the Forest of Cheem.

The make-up artists had their work cut out but it looked very realistic.

Special effects teams obviously worked exceptionally hard on this episode to create the aliens within the giant space station.

The hooded Adherences, Face of Boe and Moxx of Balhoon were all amazingly created.

Newsround mention

However, they weren't as frightening as I imagined (we all laughed when they spoke... I loved the Moxx of Balhoon's squeaky little voice!).

Congratulations to Newsround Extra which got a special mention!

Rose Tyler is obviously a fan - and it proves watching Newsround may pay off one day when we're all watching the Earth end!

The episode was of very high quality with more remarkable performances from Eccleston and Piper who actually crack a few one-liners throughout.

Goodbye Doctor

Unfortunately Christopher Eccleston will only be the Doctor for one series - 13 episodes.

Hours after the BBC announced that a second series would be made, Eccleston announced he was quitting!

This came as a huge shock as most of the viewers commented on his excellent performance.

Doctor Who is so far a huge success but the question on everyone's lips... where are the Daleks?!"

Ryan, 15, Enniskillen

Doctor Who is on Saturdays on BBC One at 7pm.

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