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Last Updated: Saturday November 05 2005 11:24 GMT

Try skydiving - without the sky!

Sportsround presenter Adam Fleming

If you've always fancied trying out sky-diving, but can't handle the idea of going up in a plane, the answer could be here.

It's called bodyflight, and lets you feel like you're flying through the air, even though you only get a few feet off the ground.

Adam from Sportsround took along his goggles and flying suit and went to check it out.

Flying indoors has been around for just over 20 years and since 1998 it's been available to the public.

Since then it's made a big difference to outdoor skydiving too, teaching people techniques and skills before they get into the air.

It works by creating an upright wind tunnel, with air streaming in from the top and bottom strong enough to keep a person hovering in the air just above the ground - if they can get their body shape just right.

The wind races through the tunnel at 120mph, so even though you don't go up in a plane, it can still be pretty nerve-wracking.

Sportsround presenter Adam Fleming
It's very loud inside the tunnel, and the instructor has to communicate with you using hand signals, although it's not always easy to do what they're asking because it's so windy.

It's really weird, a bit like being in a giant hairdryer if you can imagine what that's like.

You have to work really hard, and you have to concentrate hard, although it can be a bit messy, as all your saliva and spit gets pushed out of your face and around your mouth.

But that doesn't mean it's not good fun - it's just like being a superhero!