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Last Updated: Friday November 04 2005 12:06 GMT

Tsunami rescuer in education call

Former US President Bill Clinton and Tilly Smith
An 11-year-old British girl who saved dozens of people when the tsunami hit Asia on Boxing Day wants more children to be taught about natural disasters.

Tilly Smith was on holiday with her family in Thailand when she spotted the early signs of the tsunami approaching.

She'd learnt about the giant waves in school, and was able to warn her family and others to get off the beach.

She wants all children to be taught how to recognise natural hazards and how to keep safe if they happen.

Tilly was speaking at the United Nations in New York, where she met former US President Bill Clinton, who is working for the UN on tsunami recovery.

Tilly told him that she spotted bubbling froth on the sea that convinced her a tsunami was approaching.

Tsunami rescuer Tilly Smith
She added that it hadn't been easy to convince her family to move though.

She said: "I told my mum again and again and I was hysterical at this moment. There is going to be a tsunami, there's definitely going to be a tsunami and you know, just believe me."

Thankfully a warning was spread and the beach was evacuated minutes before the giant wave struck.

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