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Last Updated: Monday November 07 2005 12:49 GMT

We helped redesign our toilets

The new design for the toilets

In many schools throughout the UK the state of the toilets is a big problem. They get vandalised, they're full of graffiti and they don't work properly.

Some of them are so bad that students won't even use them.

At Finham Park school in Coventry the students decided to do something about their toilet block and in his report Chris explains how they have made a difference.

"The toilets at my school were in a very bad way. They were old and needed repairing. They were always getting vandalised and were full of graffiti.

It got to the point where no-one wanted to use them.

I was on the school council and everyone had been complaining about how bad the toilets were.

Eventually, the school decided to do something about it.

Preventing vandalism

Through Coventry Creative Partnerships the school got in an artist and for a week a group of students helped come up with designs for the new toilets.

We decided on a pop-art theme and an urban theme for the walls.

We also looked at other ways of improving the toilet blocks, like preventing vandalism.

This is how the toilets used to look
This is how the toilets used to look
Clear vandal-proof paint has been used and we've also installed smoke detectors.

Something positive

We are also going to have toilet monitors to check them after break times.

But we hope that because they are so nice now that no-one will want to vandalise them.

Everyone is really pleased with how they look and it was great to be involved in the transformation.

And it shows how students can get involved in doing something positive for the school.

Talk about it

My advice to anyone who wants to get their toilet blocks cleaned up would be to talk to your school council and keep talking about them until something gets done.

I think that students have more respect for our school now after what we've been able to achieve."

Chris, 14, Coventry

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