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Last Updated: Friday April 01 2005 13:11 GMT

April Fools from around the world

The 'giant penguin' at a zoo in Japan
At Newsround, we were quite chuffed with our April Fool's story about headbands which make you clever.

But check out these other pranks that fooled people around the world:

  • In Japan, a zoo unveiled its "great discovery" of a giant penguin which was 165cm tall and weighed a whopping 80kg. But the 'Lord' penguin turned out to be a man dressed in a furry penguin suit.
  • And penguins were the subject of an April Fool at Edinburgh Zoo too - when staff claimed they had an exhibition of the world's-first flying penguins. Sadly that was a joke too!
  • Potter fans got a shock when fan site Mugglenet claimed it had been shut down by a court after it had broken copyrights against Warner Brothers and JK Rowling.
  • There was a funny sheep story in The Mirror newspaper. They claimed sheep were being used to trim the grass of the new Wembley. The story said the sheeps' droppings were also being used to fertilise the grass.
  • And The Sun newspaper said travellers had set up camp on the Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle, claiming their relatives had got permission from King Edward III to pitch tents in the royal grounds.
  • The Independent said Jamie Oliver was going to stand as an MP for the Conservative Party.
  • And global warming is caused by dandruff, The Express claimed.
  • Sport wasn't left out either. Bayern Munich claimed on their website that they'd poached David Beckham from Real Madrid.
  • The press in Switzerland reckoned Prince Charles was going to have his stag night at rock star Phil Collins' home in the Swiss village of Begnins.
  • And an advert in The Independent claimed BMW had invented a car with a steering wheel in the middle of the car.
  • And The Sun also said that the European Union was going to ban April Fool's Day altogether!

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