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Last Updated: Monday April 11 2005 17:14 GMT

Pope John Paul II: your tributes

John Paul II's coffin being carried
Thousands of people from all over the world travelled to the Vatican for Pope John Paul II's funeral.

The 84-year-old had been the head of the Catholic church since 1978 and will be greatly missed.

You can e-mail us your thoughts and tributes here.

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Your comments

I think that it was so nice of people from all over the world to come to the popes funeral. It was the perfect send off a fantastic man deserved.
Victoria, 11, Chingford

Even though I am a Sikh, the loving and caring Pope's funeral has hurt me badly. And this great man will never be forgotten.
Sonia, 11, Wolverhampton

I agree with everyone that he got the best send off possible. It was a special goodbye to a very special man.
Lauren, 11, Yorkshire

We will all miss him, even non-Catholics. He was a truly great man. He was in pain for a long time so now that he's gone at least he can rest in peace and be with his leader, god. Let's hope the next Pope is like him.
Hannah, 13, Horsham

I was very upset to hear that the Pope had died. Although I am not a catholic, I think that he was a great man and is a good role model. I hope the next Pope carries on his work just as well.
Muna, 14, London

I think the Pope was a lovely man and cared for everyone and will be missed worldwide for a very long time.
Kate, 10, Ascot

I'm not a Catholic but I was still really sad, he was a very good Pope. But he's gone to heaven and he's not in pain any more.
Jenny, 11, Bath

It is sad to see him go but he is now in a better place. He'll be remembered around the world.
Rachel, 8, London

The Pope was a lovely man and he cared about everyone. I am sad that he died but now he is not in any more pain and he is with God. I will miss him a lot.
Carly, 11, Blackhall

We watched the funeral at school today. I think he would be very happy to see so many people of so many different religions wanting to thank him for all the peace and goodness he has brought to us.
David, 15, Italy

He was an inspirational person to many Catholics, and will always be remembered by many people, but he had to go some time. And at least, now he's gone, he won't be in any more pain or suffering.
Kate, 14, Aylesbury

Although this may sound cruel. It's maybe for the best. He was a very ill man, and at least now he can rest properly, and be in peace with the lord.
Frances, 13, Ilkey

I had been praying for him and was in tears when I found out that he'd died. It was nice to see that so many people turned out to be near him in his final hours, it's the send off that such a truly great man deserved.
Zoe, 11, Trowbridge

It is sad that the Pope has died, and I mourn for him along with millions of others, however we must remember that he was exceedingly ill, and death for him only meant that he left this world and is now with God. We should be thankful for everything he has given us, and remember the sacrifices he made for us.
Emily, 12, Oxford

I am a catholic and I was devastated when I heard that the Pope had died. I started to cry as he was such a great leader but I'm sure he's much happier now he isn't in pain.
Isabelle, 11, Harrogate

I felt very emotional after I heard that the Pope had passed away. All I hope now is that God looks after him and gives him everything he needs in his next life.
Tulsi, 11, Walsall

He was a kind and gentle fellow. He touched the hearts, minds and souls of many people. He will be greatly missed.
Sophie, 13, Willenhall

He was such a good man who helped so many people all around the world- lets just hope that the next pope can carry on his great work.
Ann, 14, Birmingham

I was quite sad to hear the pope had passed away, I'm not a catholic but I'm still upset. He was a good man.
Cleo, 11, Shirley

I'm not a Christian but it's so hard watching someone die in pain, especially when he still did Easter prayers despite being in tremendous pain. All my thoughts go to him.
Sarah, 13, Stockport

Pope John Paul II slipped away like my nanny did. They were like each other. Their hearts were resisting death, but in the end they just died. You will be sadly missed by all, especially me, I am a Catholic and my family is mourning this death. I cried when I found out.
Hannah, 12, Northern Ireland

It was sad to see him go but he had a good life and helped many people. I hope he is happy where he is now.
Alex, 15, Hertfordshire

Me and my family are going to light a candle and say a prayer for the pope. He was a very important man to me because I am a catholic.
Emma, 9, Poole

It is sad that the Pope has died because he cared for everyone. Especially young people around the world.
Fran, 14, Colchester

At least now he is gone he will no longer feel any pain, even though he is in the hands of God now, his spirit will never leave this earth.
Lauren, 13, Rhondda

The Pope was a great man who blessed many people and served the Lord but he was VERY ill so it's better that he has gone to rest instead of living but suffering in pain. I am Catholic myself so it is sad to see such a good, respectful man die.
Melissa, 12, Middlesbrough

I think he was very ill and was going to die sooner or later so at least he is resting in God's house of peace and quiet.
Gemma, 10, Bordon

He was a very sick man even if he did survive he would have been very close to death for a while I'm glad he is out of pain.
Sophie, 12, Hong Kong

He was a great man and respected by everyone and this is a sad time.
Becky, 13, Newport

I think it's sad but at least he is no longer in pain.
Becki, 12, Glasgow

I am Catholic and miss him. But at least he won't have to suffer and he'll be with God.
Mairead, 9, Wolverhampton

I think we should be happy because his spirit and happiness will rise to heaven.
Luke, 10, Brentwood

I'm not Catholic, but the Pope was an incredible man. I know people from many different countries, religions and cultures, and all of them are mourning. He was a great man, and will certainly never be forgotten... remember though, he wouldn't want you to be sad because he's dead, but happy because he's no longer in pain.
Tash, 12, Essex

I didn't really know much about the pope but I heard how he was the best head of the Catholic church and yesterday my mum and dad were watching television and they didn't hear what I heard, it said the pope has died tonight in Rome, and will be greatly missed.
Stacey, 11, Wellington

I'm Catholic and I agree with Eliy. "I'm really sad because I served a mass today in the church and the priest talked about all the great things that the Pope did. I felt like crying out loud!
Rebecca, 10, Mullingar

I think the Pope was an amazing guy and did so much not just for the Catholic and Christian church but for all religions and he'll always be remembered for that. He's with God, who he devoted his life to, now.
Rachel, 13, Southampton

He was well respected and will still be respected many years into his death. At least he's no longer suffering. May he rest in peace!
Terri, 13, Thurnscoe

I think it was best that the Pope went. He had a long life and I prayed that he died peacefully.
Julie, 14, Swindon

He was a wonderful man and he was there when needed, he was like our father. Even though I am not Catholic I still feel something is missing from me.
Anjali, 11, Luxembourg

He was a good Pope and quite old. He is in God's hands now so he is in good hands
Brady, 10, Liverpool

The Pope was really ill, but I think now that he can be at peace after being sick for such a long time. He was a great man.
Emu, 11, Penrith

I was watching TV in bed and suddenly thought - the Pope is very ill. Then a news flash came on saying he died. Really weird! But, I think that God has been trying to take him as if to say 'your work is done', but hospitals have kept him alive. Now God has finally got him and he has no pain.
Andrew, 12, Gloucester

I am not a Catholic but I go to a Catholic school and I know that the pope will be missed by everyone and I know he was a good person and may I say rest in peace because he is now in the house of God.
Jess, 15, Berkshire

He was a very great and religious man. Lots of people are sad about the news of his death but at least he has peace in heaven.
Martin, 10, Cumbernauld

I am deeply saddened, but I know he is still with us and looking over us. God bless him.
Melissa, 12, London

I've been watching the special news report on BBC One and made me realise how much he is going to be missed.
Kirki, 13, Twickenham

He must have done a lot of good things in his life for people to love him so much and mourn so much about his death.
Kal, 12, Wolverhampton

It is a shame that he has passed away but it was just his time to go and he said he was ready. He has done loads throughout his life.
Rabia, 14, Edinburgh

I am very sad because he was very good at his job, but I am also happy because it is the end of his suffering and he will be sitting in god's right hand with Jesus.
Jemma, 10, Luton

He did a lot for other people. Although I'm not religious all of us are sad for his loss but now it is time for sleep in God's hands!!
Kate, 13, Devon

I think it's terrible that he's gone as he was such an important role model.
Charlotte, 12, Norwich

I had just come back from my holiday when I heard the pope had died. Even though he has left us, he is still inside those who have faith.
Peter, 11, Romsey

He was our national pride and we will miss him greatly as a fellow Pole and the Father of the Catholic church. At least he is where he was striving to go for his entire life. This was his life mission, to serve God and now they are united. May God rest his soul.
Anna, 14, Poland

The Pope was a kind and gentle man. He will always be remembered for all the great things that he did.
Nosheen, 12, London

It is such a sad thing. But we prayed for him all week at school and like on the news it said we all have to go sometime. Lets hope he's gone gracefully.
Jade, 12, Featherstone

I wish that he had died peacefully, it's what he would have deserved. My prayers go out to all that loved him, and still do.
Lisa, 10, Cambridge

I was so sorry to hear that the Pope had passed away. He was an inspiration to the Catholics but also to people all over the world.
Sarah, 13, Canada

I think that it is very sad that our Pope has passed away. He was a great person but I hope that he is okay up there.
Kaitlyn, 12, Cary

Although I have difficulty believing in God, Pope John Paul II reached out to more than just the catholic faith and will be missed universally.
Peter, 15, Northam

I am Catholic and I prayed for the Pope because he is such a great leader for my faith. It was really hard to see him suffer. I am glad he is in a better place, though it is still very sad.
Latasha, 15, USA

I pray that he is in peace with God, he was such a great person.
Sarah, 15, Oxfordshire

It is very sad, but it is nice to know that he died with the love of so many people, and he will be remembered and missed very much.
Orla, 11, London

I nearly cried when I found out he had died, I'm not a catholic but it is still very upsetting to see a good man pass away.
Michelle, 14, Huddersfield

Although this great man has gone, the spirit of him will live on for ever. It is sad to see him slip away.
Scott, 15, Aberdeenshire

I might be Jewish, but I've got to say that I am quite sad, as the Pope was a good man and influenced a lot of people around the world. I am sure that he will be missed by not only Catholics but all religions.
Natasha, 13, Essex

I know it's a very sad thing but he did live a long life and everyone has a time to die. He had a good life and blessed many people.
Merlyn, 10, London

It was sad seeing the Pope's downward spiral. He was a real fighter, and this is reflected in the people's love for him.
Ollie, 14, Aldeburgh

We prayed for the Pope at church tonight. All my friends are watching the news and are devastated as are Catholics.
Emma, 13, Manchester

I'm really sad, it's such a shame to loose a such a great man. He will be greatly missed. I hope they will find another Pope that was as great as he was soon.
Annabel, 13, Hemel Hempstead

Even though I am not a catholic, I feel for anyone who is a catholic. The Pope was obviously, no doubt about it a great leader, and will deeply be missed.
Zahra, 14, Birmingham

It's sad that he's passed away, but he led a good life and his suffering is over. Now he's with God.
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

Even though I am a protestant I still feel sad about the loss of the Pope and send my deepest sympathies to the people who will dearly miss him.
Demi, 15, Carryduff

It's sad that the Pope John Paul II has passed away. He was an inspiration to Catholics all over the world.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I think it must mean a lot for someone who is really dedicated to their religion, and even though I don't have one, his death does feel like a loss, not only for me, but for everyone!
Eily, 11, Luxembourg

He was an old man who was severely ill. He will always be remembered for the fantastic things he did.
Lou, 12

I think this is really sad that a great man has died luckily he had a happy life though.
Rachel, 11, Tadworth

He was a very sweet man but he was very ill. At least he is at peace in God's house.
Bryony, 9, Horley

I'm Catholic and I'm sure the Pope is much happier where he is now than where he was. At school we've been praying and with our prayers and everyone else's around the world, I'm sure God can hear us.
Helen, 13, Isle of Wight

It is very sad that he has died, he was important to lots of people. I suppose that although we will miss him, he was very old and it was probably for the best. Me and my family have been listening to the radio for ages to hear the news.
Victoria, 9, Wolverhampton

We've been praying for the Pope in school this week. It's sad that he's now gone.
Brendan, 11, Guildford

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