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Last Updated: Thursday March 31 2005 15:28 GMT

My school serves organic lunches

School dinners have been criticised for not being healthy enough.

The government has recently increased the amount spent on your meals to make them better.

But Jess' school has been serving mostly organic food since September 2004.

"The food in our school is delicious, much nicer than most school food.

It's really healthy, and tastes so nice I'd never think about going out of school to eat.

All the food at our school is grown nearby, so it's fresh.

It's organic too, so there are no chemicals on it, which is best for kids.

Lunchtime for Jess and friends
Lunchtime for Jess and friends
We've even had farmers come into our school to explain where our food comes from, which was really interesting.


My favourite meal is sausages - but even they are organic! It's ok to have a bit of junk, as long as you balance out what you eat.

Some kids of my age will probably grow up to be fat because all they eat is junk - I don't want to be like that.

Food at my last school was OK, but I much prefer this!

In fact, I don't really want to move up to the next school because the food here is so good."

Jess, 10, Chelmsford

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