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Guides: Election 2005 - Where the parties stand

Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2005 08:07 GMT

Sinn Fein

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CBBC Newsround got in touch with the main political parties to ask them their views on some of the General Election big issues. Here's what Sinn Fein had to say:


  • Against the 11+, believing it's wrong to make a decision that brands a child a failure at 11.

  • Confront bullying in schools and on the school journey, possibly by involving volunteers or to patrol the area and school buses, or a person in school that young people can go to.


  • Ensure obesity is tackled through healthy eating and increased participation in sports.

  • More fruit and healthy options on the school menu and more resources for sports facilities.

  • Support expansion of school breakfast programme and after-school and homework clubs.


  • Expand community-based youth work to bring children and young people off the streets.

  • Youth programmes on drug awareness and on the impact of car crime and street violence based not just in schools or in youth centres but on the streets.

  • Support community watch schemes to ensure that problems on the street are dealt with effectively and fairly.


  • Increase investment on working with young people to find out what they want and need.

  • Support greater links between sports centres and other community centres and schools, including reduced rates for young people.

  • Involve young people in the design and building and running of local facilities.

  • Guide to Election 2005 - Where the parties stand

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