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Last Updated: Tuesday November 08 2005 13:51 GMT

What are your school toilets like?

A toilet.
Does visiting the school toilets fill you with fear?

A Newsround survey has found that nearly 70% of school children are put off using their school loos because of their condition.

Nearly half of those 370 kids questioned said the main reason for not visiting the conveniences was because they were dirty.

But we want to hear from you. What are the toilets like in your school?

Are they clean and nice to use - or are they littered with rubbish, leaking sinks and broken locks?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I have trained myself to hold on until I get home as I hate the toilets and there never seems to be any loo roll.
Tyler, 11, Isle of Wight

Our toilets have graffiti and no loo roll in them. In fact the only good ones are the ones outside my classroom and they are under construction!
Eleanor, 9, Kent

My loos have got stickers all over and they stink of bleach!
Ashleigh, 10, Newcastle

Ours are not clean so I always wait until I go home.
Joel, 11, Wigan

I only use my school loos if I absolutely have to. They smell quite bad and they hardly ever flush!
Kirsty, 11, Poole

My school toilets are nasty, people smoke in them and leave rubbish all over the place. It's disgusting. There's also wet tissue paper stuck on the ceiling!!!!
Nazia, 14, Wolverhampton

My school toilets have always got water and other stuff on the floor. Sometimes even the toilets have paper in them and people try flooding them.
James, 12, Portsmouth

Mine are not bad really - just annoying because there's always so many people in them and so it's quite embarrassing to "go" where everyone can hear you!
Emily, 15, USA

My school toilets are really nice. There is no graffiti, no one smokes in them, there's almost always toilet paper and the only thing bad about them is that sometimes people don't flush so it sort of stinks, but not usually.
Eleanor, 12, Tokyo

I get taught at home so my toilets are ok but it has wallpaper!
Katy, 12, Preston

Our school toilets are horrible.
Pippi, 12, Stranraer

Nobody flushes our school toilets. Some people think the bathrooms are haunted. I hate school bathrooms!
Nicole, 8, USA

My toilets are really bad - one cleaner for 42 toilets.
Jordan, 11, Kings Lynn

Our toilets are coverd in graffiti and they smell like they haven't been cleaned in years - it's horrible.
Naomi, 14, Rhosneigr

I don't use the loos because people write mean things on the back of the doors. Also there are no locks and there's never any loo roll.
Megan, 13, Belfast

My school's toilets are disgusting and most of them don't flush. GROSS!
Diana, 13, USA

Our toliets at school are dirty. Out of the 18 loos, 15 of the locks are broken and a lot of them have hardly any loo roll and you feel dirty being there! I avoid going to the loo and only go at home! I want them sorted because it's disgusting!
Lara, 14, Manchester

My school loos are rubbish. Half of them don't work and the other half there are drainage problems so they aren't being used.
Rebecca, 13, Buckinghamshire

My school toilets have just been done up on the holidays. They are spot on.
Charlotte, 10, London

Our school loos are rubbish. The tiles are cracked, the locks are broken, the automatic urinal cleaner squirts water everywhere!
William, 11, Chelmsford

My school toilets were horrible. There were tons of spiders, cobwebs and they always left the window open. It was cold and loads of bugs got in. Now they changed them and they're really nice.
Lizzy, 9, Harlow

My school loos aren't that bad. That's why I'm dreading going to secondary school.
Tessa, 10, St. Neots

Our school toilets are ok. It's just they have graffiti on them and also they need painting and are sort of dirty and also smell!
Gemma, 12, Stowmarket

Our school loos are nice and clean, and so they should be, as we have about three caretakers cleaning them.
Emma, 14, Leeds

In my school, you are lucky to find toilet paper. There's no soap. The only good thing I would say about them is that the headteacher has had smoke alarms installed so no-one smokes in the toilet anymore.
Angharad, 14, Wales

My schools toilets are fine! We have a toilet monitor so if anyone does smoke or vandalise them they won't get away with it. Our loos are very clean too.
Bex, 15, Carlisle

Our school loos are brill coz this term we've just got them re-done totally, so they are really nice and new.
Katherine, 10, North Shields

Our school has tried very hard on improving the toilets. They have been totally refurbished and they are always clean.
Tom, 13, Stocksbridge

In my school there are lots of toilets but most of them are grotty and horrible just like the ones on your programme. It is really unfair as the sixth formers and the teachers get a really nice modern toilet! It's out of order!!!!
Eleanor, 13, Dublin

Our toilets are metal but still get vandalised. Some people don't flush the toilet and it gets very smelly. The soap doesn't smell nice either and there are cracks in the tiles.
Laura, 10, Scotland

I've actually developed a phobia over toilets in the last 5 years. I feel very claustrophobic in my school toilets and I haven't been to the toilet at school in three years because of the bad hygiene.
Gemma, 15, London

Our toilets are metal but still get vandalised. Some people don't flush the toilet and it gets very smelly. The soap doesn't smell nice either and there are cracks in the tiles.
Laura, 10, Scotland

My school toilets are sooooooooo smelly. Most of the toilets are blocked up and we also have no toilet paper. I have only been to the girl's toilets twice!!
Bara, 11, London

Well, last year my school changed the toilets as it was very badly graffitied. But two weeks after it was completed but people were breaking the toilet lid and graffitied on on side of a cubicle. So it's basically the bad pupils of the school are ruining the toilets!
Tony, 14, Bristol

My high schools toilets are disgusting! People smoke in them and leave their cigarettes down the toilet and in the sink. The smoke is so bad you can even smell it down the corridor! Teachers have tried to stop people from smoking in there by fitting classical music under the sinks! But nothing has changed.
Holly, 14, Suffolk

There's cleaner's cigarette butts down the bowls. Half of them don't have locks, toilet seats or paper! People stand on the tops of the loos and look in at you. I can say it in one word - ugh!
Laura, 11, Northern Ireland

We can't use the loos because there is no soap.
Joe, 13, Worcestershire

My school toilets never have soap! And are mainly used for smoking which really puts people off using them! They're horrible!
Kirsty, 14, Ayr

My school toilets are disgusting, we often run out of soap are dryers aren't working and they are wet and smell gross we try not to use them and my friend wet herself because she did not want to use them.
Amy, 10, Cardiff

People complain about having soap that is green and gooey but at least you have soap!!!! Also, our toilets have no locks, no seats, no loo paper and freezing cold water!!!
Laura, 15, Bath

Our school loos, one set in particular, have always got people smoking in them and there's graffiti everywhere. The sinks are also really bad and leaking. They are also always locked or guarded by teachers because you cant use the nice ones at break or lunch so you always have to hold it in or use the nasty ones. Everyone I know would rather hold it in!
Holly, 13, Shropshire

I go to the school featured in Ellie's report and all the new toilets are locked. We've also been waiting years for improvements.
Mark, 15, Coventry

Our toilets don't even have soap or toilet seats! They're always flooded and most of the locks don't work and we never have any toilet paper.
Sarah, 14, Stockport

I'm not going to be mean to the cleaners. It's the pupils that's the problem! Some leave rubbish and some don't bother to flush them and some locks are broken. It's become a real issue in our school and they are dealing with it!!
Hannah, 12, Manchester

My school toilets smell really bad.
Tom, 15, Kent

Our school toilets are so bad that I try to not go in them at all.
Robert, 13, Tadworth

My school toilets were really bad for years but then when we got a new Headteacher and he replaced them.
Sarah, 14

I would just like to say how bad my school loos are! They are a mess with old fasioned pull chains to flush them and some don't even flush. The driers don't work and the sinks often get blocked up. We have three lots of loos and they are all as bad as each other.
Alison, 14

My school loos really stink - no they do! They smell awful so I never go unless I'm desperate.
Amber, 12, Luton

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