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Last Updated: Monday October 31 2005 19:54 GMT

Potter named ultimate sci-fi hero

Harry Potter as he looked when he first came on the screen.
Harry Potter has been voted the greatest fantasy hero of all time.

The schoolboy wizard, whose latest film Goblet of Fire has its world premiere on Sunday, was the runaway favourite in a poll of film fans.

Darth Vader was named the greatest villain, with the Daleks from Doctor Who being voted in at fourth place.

The Sci Fi channel asked 1,500 moviegoers to name their best fantasy and sci-fi heroes.

Top sci-fi heroes
1 Harry Potter
2 The Terminator (T2)
3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4 Spiderman
5 Dr Who
The poll was done to mark the UK Sci Fi Channel's 10th birthday on Tuesday.

A spokesman said: "It's great that a home-grown icon has been voted the greatest hero.

"To give film fans their ultimate showdown, JK Rowling needs to pit her boy wizard against Darth Vader."

Top sci-fi villains
1 Darth Vader (Star Wars)
2 Alien
3 The Borg (Star Trek)
4 The Daleks (Doctor Who)
5 The Joker (Batman)
The survey also revealed that 28% of Britons think it'll be proved within the next 10 years that there are aliens - and 30% believe aliens will one day invade the earth.

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