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Last Updated: Wednesday March 30 2005 14:41 GMT

Group stuck on park's thrill ride

The Slammer ride
Thirty eight people were left stuck in mid-air after a new ride at Thorpe Park broke down just a day after it opened.

The Slammer ride, which is like a giant swing with two sets of people on each side, stopped when its safety mechanism kicked in after a technical fault.

The people were left 17 metres up in the air on the ride, and it was also cold and raining at the time.

Everyone was bought down safely and given blankets, hot drinks and were seen by medical staff. Everyone was OK.

Staff at Thorpe Park apologised for the scare.

"We are very sorry for any discomfort our guests experienced during the delay due to the shut down and the bad weather," a spokeswoman said.

She said that no-one was upside down during the breakdown, and said the ride was checked every morning, along with all other attractions at the park, to make sure it was working properly.


The Slammer ride, which is said to make people feel like they are free falling, opened on Monday.

It was still closed on Wednesday but the rest of the park is still open.

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