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Last Updated: Sunday November 06 2005 14:14 GMT

Survey dishes dirt on school loos

How clean is your school toilet?
A Newsround survey has found that nearly 70% of children are put off using their school toilets because they're in such a state.

We also asked what the main reason was for not visiting the school loos - and 43% of you said that they were dirty.

The survey of 370 kids in the UK, aged 10 to 14, also found that a quarter of pupils do not use the toilets because the locks don't work.

Only 13% of those asked said there were no problems with their school loos.

Elephant using a specially made toilet.
Health experts are worried that if children don't go to the toilet when they need to and hold it in, they could end up constipated - bunged up - or with bladder infections.

The results of the survey also showed that 11% of children are stopped using the loos by teachers - although it may be that this is done sometimes to prevent bullying.

There were 12 children - that's 3% - who didn't use the toilets because they were scared of being bullied and five pupils who didn't use the bogs because they were dark.

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